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  1. Re: map cycle More than likely I will remove all maps from MG and upload a new folder of maps this weekend as well. If someone wants to take the liberty to compile a nice folder of fun, enjoyable maps, please feel free and I will take a look at it. If there's a map that you like that is no longer on MG, do not fret! It can always be added back. I'll update ya'll when this is done as well.
  2. Update: Will be testing Oryx on MG this weekend. Will let you guys know when it's up and running
  3. On May 15th, there will be an event on the Jailbreak server! Check out the information here:
  4. While I enjoyed the Prop Hunt server and configuring it and setting it up, I believe we should close it due to lack of activity and interest as of late. What CS:GO server would you like to see in it's place? Bhop? Surf? Zombie Escape? Jailbreak? I am open to all ideas, so please voice your opinion and a strong reason to back up your opinion. Thank you.
  5. Update: SourceTV has been removed (or should be). Also surfing should be smooth(er) on MG and JB as well with a plugin fix. Oryx is currently being looked at and will be tested on MG before implemented community-wide. This will be a slower process as I want to make everything is set up correctly and that this is infact better than Macrodox. I will post another update when it has been implemented and tested.
  6. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  7. B02 has been updated. "Do not pick a mini-game excessively; switch it up to keep the server happy if needed." This meaning keeping as many people on the server happy as possible. There is not rule specific for how many times you can pick a mini-game, just don't be a asshole.
  8. I get that. Some people care but some people don't. Some people just get pissed because they want to play the map games yet they just die randomly. I guess it just comes down to perception
  9. Glow

    MG event

    Is there a particular map order/cycle you would suggest?
  10. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  11. As there's an overwhelming "No" response, this topic will be closed.
  12. This?
  13. To conclude this topic; I can see how it would appear unfair that my comment was visible. Currently there are no requirements to be active within a certain amount of time, and the comment I made was simply to inform everyone that they meet the pre-requisites to apply. Moving forward I will let the application speak for itself and not interfere with the process.
  14. RPG as in RPG Store? There used to be a few of these servers back in the day but never really took off from what I recall.