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  1. I mean it's a legitimate order. HOWEVER. My only issue with that order is when wardens go full retard, gives the order then proceeds to unwarden and hunt people down and comes back to killing people that aren't doing that order and claim they can do that because "its in the rules"..... And it's not.... Personally, I don't care for the order. I don't get how it's any different than telling the T's to freeze. ^_^
  2. Noob

    New CS:GO Server

    1v1. I've mentioned this before.
  3. I'm sure tommy could do it. But it's not me that needs convincing to give access to do that. That would be Glow. Lol. Good luck.
  4. Tommy. I don't care.
  5. LOL Whatever helps you sleep tommy.
  6. Says the guy that'll casually drop N bombs... /shrug ^_^
  7. It's all or nothing my guy. Hard R.
  8. Yeaaaahhhhh.... Good luck getting anyone to do any of this.... /shrug ^_^
  9. Personal financial. My high-school offered two different courses and it was awesome. Really helped get a leg up on adult shit....
  10. Noob

    Which is superior?

    Water #1 The rest is shit ^_^ /shrug
  11. Yeah it's pretty nice not going to lie HOWEVER with hydration (1 gallon of water a day) this is a very filling diet each day. Also. Expensive. But my energy levels have been crazy and I feel great. Now the first three days were horrible adjusting to all the meat and ZERO carbs. But now I feel great and very strong in the gym. I'm only doing this for a month since this would be considered an "extreme" diet. Just trying to peel off some covid body fat. Week 2 so far and I'm down 4 pounds. So far everything is going good. Haven't gotten sick of eating the meal plan I'm on right now. So we shall see.
  12. Aside from my children and wife. I'll tell you the food I'm allowed to eat with this new diet. I'm currently doing what's called the "Carnivore Diet". Essentially you're only allowed to eat food items that swam, walked or flew... However, chicken is off the menu since I need high fat content during this diet. I eat 4 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Each meal consists of steak and fish. 12oz steak with 12oz salmon 3x a day And for my snack it consists generally of eggs (6-8) and about a half pound of sausage... This is a fairly strict diet. So I'm not really sure what I can change. I season to my liking. But I'd be interested in trying a recommendation of yours as long as it falls within the "Carnivore Diet" rules. ^_^
  13. Well. Teamkilling should be allowed as long as.... You're not targeting someone round after round (should be pretty obvious). Other than that... Fair game ^_^
  14. Noob

    You have $1,000....

    I'd take that $1,000. Buy some Coke. Cut it. And flip it. You have at least $2,000-$3,000. Rinse and repeat till desired PC goals are met. You're welcome. ^_^
  15. Teamkilling.... Also known as hazing. Is the finest and highly encouraged tradition on the server. Welcome to GamePunch bitch! ^_^