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  1. This is simply the first version but here it is! Already on the server too. Love feedback too. Known issues though: > Admin can be buggy. >One of the cells will need a ladder in future update. >slight lighting bug on the straw game. You can download it manually from here: Want the textures? Here:
  2. encore is a classic, you've just not seen people play it lately because not many people are playing minigames lately. encore is one of my favourite all time favourites i'd play back in the day, it is a popular map its just minigames is not popular as it was so its not showing visible proof its currently 'popular', you could says this for a large majority of these maps too.
  3. You can fuck right off with removing mg_remsopor_encore and mg_ifionly. I don't mind the removal of my maps but that's a no no. Also I don't think it'll improve or hinder the gameplay, if people don't like something then RTV thats imo.
  4. Been talking to the wrong eggs mate, shoulda ignored em.
  5. I fully agree, its not something i've found thats needed a slay. Gives players an incentive to get better I suppose too.
  6. Pure gimp. You're a good laugh bud.
  7. Nah fuck that, LR i pushed 'no cheating-implied' for since its heavily unfair for CTs (dodgeball in-the-face type of gameplay.), but screwing over your Ts because you out-smarted them? Hell yes please.
  8. 1. Ocean wisdom 2. Weekend 3. Frank Ocean 4. Queen In no particular order just my all time favs.
  9. shit i'd of +1 him, lads been keeping MG about, he sticks on there even when nobody is playing. Not to suck his dick or anything but prior to him being mod he'd sit on MG himself to help populate the server. Lad needs getting up there.=(
  10. ngl i love taking out cunts with the ball.
  11. So I understand the idea, but having a certain 'quality' required for maps is a tough one, because it may discourage future mappers in the community (disregard me, I'm not fussed if my maps get removed). I understand we're seeing loads of maps not being played at all but seeing a constant x10 maps that are the overplayed be the ONLY maps on the server may get sickly (In my opinion respectfully). My few alternatives to this would be: If you want quality set of maps over quantity then list out key requirements that must be needed for the map to be 'quality' because saying a map is quality is very vague. Does this mean total amount of games? Overall balance? Aesthetics? Gameplay and size [If you look at silo for example regarding size]? I'd say have a set requirement such as 'must have x5' playable 'MAP' games' as an example. From there we can start adding requirements on our suggestion lists, to help weed out shitty suggestions. Another alternate would be to create a TIER list of maps. So you'd have all your most x10 popular maps categorised. Then have all the rest outside of that catagory. What you could then initiate is 1 map from the catagory is allowed to nominate/played after playing a map NOT in that catagory. So to put it into a better understanding, 1 Popular map, once played 1 random map, once played 1 popular map. I would say remove any maps that do not fit the criteria of being actually playable or lacking any content at all. That's my input.