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  1. if he knows how to add them he knows where to go and how to remove them.
  2. i play on the server with my friends
  3. listen to ur own name and be silent
  4. we're joking calm your tits
  5. No video with supported format and MIME type found.
  6. don't make me do it buckaroo
  7. that's only part of it, the other bit is percentages. idk go look at the apps chaos handled. if the community doesnt vote then that just means they either had no opinion or didnt support the app. /shrug
  8. it is done with percentages
  9. it was done because the system before made it so it doesnt matter how many + or -1s you get, a manager would just take the final decision without discussion or even considering the members of the community's opinion. a consequence was that you need a certain amount of approval. some people dont comment purely because they have no opinion on the matter and some just hope others have post their opinion for them. it is what it is