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  1. I agree with the map changes. Removing the maps that are broken and just unwanted/not played would possibly improve the server and make it more enjoyable for all
  2. You have the thickest most annoying Scandinavian accent (I'm Scandinavian I can say this) sometimes when you talk I wanna throw myself off a cliff and you can be annoying as hell but other than that you're ok. Good warden ig
  3. Only got 1 all time favorite since 2013 and it's The Weeknd. Other than him I like Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean, The Neighbourhood, Pink Floyd and The 1975. Also rap but not english/american soo I ain't namin those lmao
  4. Thanks for everything you've put into the community. Good luck in the future, you'll be missed
  5. You were the first person I interracted with on GP and I remember thinking you were so nice and helpful. Thank you for everything you've put into the community. Wish you the best of luck in the future
  6. I thought this said "favorite gun" and i was about to say this is the most american shit ever