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  1. HunterX848

    MG event

    1. either 35 hp dusty or 35 hp lego 2. swag multigames 3. jacs multigames 4. dream xmas multigames
  2. its almost as if tommy could do it all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. i would even go as far to say that the n word with an a should be allowed at night time on MG. Were all grown ups here and can tell the difference between racism and casual conversation / jokes.
  4. i can get inexperienced players getting frustrated. It wasn't even knife though it was dodge ball but i guess that same theory applies. I would say " just get better at the game " but most people who play mg have hundreds of hours and are really experienced. But since majority wanted it, its better that 13 /15 players have fun than 2 / 15 ya know ?
  5. HunterX848

    Whats Better

    1. mg 2. pug. 3. jb 4. casual
  6. Sooo many artists to list : P so i will only list 3 per category in no particular order. Old rock : Led Zeppelin / pink Floyd / black sabbath New Metal - Linkin Park - Slipknot - system of a down Grunge - Nirvana / Alice in chains / Audioslave Rap ? - Lil peep - $uicideboy$ - Yung lean And a lot more but the post would be too long .
  7. Can we not enforce the " pick the same mode 3 times to get slayed " rule as much. Last night a large majority ( 13 / 15 ) players wanted to play a specific game on the multigames. But we got slayed over and over. It just ruins the mood and kills the server. Thanks HunterX848 ( or just remove the rule, mg people are usually chill and wont pick the same map over and over unless people want it )
  8. HunterX848

    MG event

    @Glow invisible man is fun but only 1 t gets invisible at a time. I would prefer something more engaging that all players can participate in. A mix up of the best multigame maps would be the best imo.
  9. The difference in opinions here is a difference in how you have fun in jailbreak. Some people might find it frustrating to get team killed because they want to play map games Others might find it funny to kill people with a soccer ball.
  10. HunterX848

    MG event

    Host an event for mg Doesnt have to be a competition or anything Just give out some credits and people will come
  11. ginger ale # 1 sprite # 2 the rest suck
  12. all posts on member apps should be hidden regardless. The player himself should have posted he has well over 10 hours. I feel like people were influenced. He may be a good addition to the community i just feel like hands were forced.