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  1. not that id play much as you all know what im like with my aim XD but a multiple 1v1 arenas sounds like it would be an awesome idea i could see that getting quite populated with our community not csgo jb though we r a community mainly based around css jb, it makes no sense to have a second jb server thats just going to take away from the other. the idea is to expand not build the wall higher XD
  2. idk i think this would be alright, as long as its not spammed witch we have a rule for then its not going to hurt and it would be another member perk. i get what DasC is saying theres no "need" for it but its like the dance moves in fornite there pointless but fun. i can see the radio being used in comical ways and useful ways for players without mics
  3. honestly bear in mind how little i get on mg but ive always enforced that rule this way, im sure it was noob that told me to do that back in the day XD as long as it dosnt hurt anyone whats the issue
  4. noone deserves this... people r shitty and cant drop things sorry it got to this dude i hope u the best
  5. u know how to problem solve by deduction right need more information before u can go further. now stop being a little troll and spamming pointless comments when people are trying to get help
  6. be constructive, he hasn't stated that he hasn't tried that
  7. u can remove it in account settings
  8. Pix le

    Mod+ Meeting

    idk if ill be able to make this, suppose to be away tonight but it might fall through. sorry for the late notice been a manic week
  9. project shit more like XD na man as long as ur not a dick to people a personality is what it is
  10. i do agree, like its fine to brake the rules for certain things if there's good reason its just making an exception exceptional circumstances and all GOOD REASON before anyone misreads this lmao XD
  11. @silent its only banter just not the best place for it as it can get confusing i can see where glow is coming from, if we take away a min req then there could be a situation where they have 3 +1 from friends and 1 honest -1 and they would still get it. honestly the only way to really resolve this is to push out reminds to the community to go and vote. there has been 3 people who said they would of +1 him so theres many more who would of
  12. take it as a percentage of the 12 votes needed and on percentages we dont know the managers votes
  13. on what @Bonfire and @DasC15 are saying that could be a huge factor. mabey a weekly ping in discord?
  14. The reason the system didnt work in this case was because the system had been developed for wide coverage. its impossible to make a system that works for every scenario thats why political policy's and legal speak end up so stupidly complex. i couldn't agree more that this could of been handled differently but with how manic things are atm im not surprised it slipped through, there just following protocol. so thanks for brining this up coz i do agree 100% So a way this could be altered is something similar to what @Toxic said were if a certain criteria is met then the decision is based off something els. Id propose After 7 days if the 12 +1s haven't been met but the +1s are at 90% then it is to be discussed by managers and decided Or even 100% but always consider the troll