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  1. Yeah I can agree that if somebody wanted to be apart of the community their activity would show it and his is obviously lacking , but if he happens to play under different names a lot like I do then I can understand that maybe he had more time played under a numerous amount of other names .
  2. More times than not I’ve seen people who have been teamkilled find it more funny than annoying lol but i suppose I can see your pov
  3. the point of jailbreak is to get to lr , thats the whole purpose of the gamemode how do you play a gamemode and not understand the basics of it ?
  4. LOL. but honestly teamkilling isnt something that should be slayable imo , as long as somebody isnt being specifically targeted by a group of people I think that it should be allowed.
  5. Yeah I mean I feel like teamkilling when the warden specifically says “no knifing the ball , or don’t press the button” should be kos by wardens choice, I don’t feel like anybody should be slayed unless they are abusing a secret and just outright killing the entire t team like on outer space with the lightsaber or the laser
  6. reporting somebody for cheating on minecraft ? kind of cringe dont even get me started on half the bullshit i just wasted my time reading
  7. its funny that you called dunder old
  9. does it really surprise you ?
  10. map is disgustingly bad , doesnt surprise me that a drunk retard security guard made it -1 map kills server.
  11. Ryze


    can confirm , you are indeed old.
  12. if you didnt mind if hes unbanned why ban him in the first place
  13. Ryze


    shut up nerd