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  1. That sounds like it could be fun with a populated server
  2. What exactly is a 1v1 server? is it just 2 slots or multiple slots with multiple 1v1 arenas, where everyone is 1v1ing and its still team round win based?
  3. I’d be glued to a GP BHop server IF it was on CS:S. Edit: In actuality I would re-install CSGO for a GP Bhop server, but personally I’d rather it be on CS:S, although I understand that would only be to cater to our small community as even the most popular bhop servers on Source are empty most of the time.
  4. I had no idea this was a thing, that would be cool
  5. or if it was tied to Source bans, maybe just remove the flag for it? Im not sure how you guys manage special perms these days.
  6. Recently, while filling the discord with my shitposts, I stumbled upon a great idea; what if Member+ could use the Radio Commands? They were not spammed all that much back in the day, it rarely got out of hand, so as long as it is possible, I think it would be a very nice perk for Member+ to have back, so I want to know what everyone else thinks about this.
  7. As long as a large majority wants it, but is it gonna hurt you guys to do something else every couple of rounds? And some of the knife games can last a while, which gets really boring, especially if you die early in the game.
  8. Ephex

    MG event

    I think it would be fun to do several mini events on specific maps, for example, most wins, or longest time alive on the map lego_smash_copter, then we move on to some other map, either similar or not, could do the same thing on Saw maps.
  9. I understand what you're saying, but who is it hurting to let some of these people in, that dont play a whole lot? I have very limited time to play, and even like a week following my Member application I got on maybe once or twice IIRC. I have been in a few communities that were open communities, that means; if you joined for the first time today, liked our servers then you could wear the community tag if you wanted to (Although you were expected to represent the community well, and held to a little higher of a standard.) just to show support, I think we should do that here. I think it would bring a refreshing welcome to the regulars, and new players that join in, and entice people to represent the community that were considering joining anyway. Also I used to command all T's to wear the tag, that can be fun to do also LOL And to the quote below, I don't think anyone that's not interested in GP would bother applying in the first place.
  10. I'd much rather have it on CS:S, I dont even have GO installed anymore, and I enjoy bhopping on Source much more. Hope we can move forward with Bhop eventually.
  11. We have had all the suggestions already posted here to some degree, besides Bhop. If GP turned that server into a source or even GO Bhop server, I will absolutely play the hell out of it.