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  1. +1 I think it should really only be enforced if there is an issue. Like if people are complaining about the same thing being picked.
  2. Fanta #1 Cherry Vanilla Coke/Dr. Pepper tie for #2
  3. Nuff said, see ya. Have fun in future endeavors.
  4. Im kinda neutral to this, but one thing I do disagree with is that you should have an active gametracker to apply. Some people enjoy playing and like the community/people in it but cant play every single day because of work/school/family/etc. and I don't think someone should be denied member solely based on how active they are. Yeah, it would be nice to have active members, but that isn't possible for many people. Also the Member rank is just a title, no actual extras. Just being able to talk while dead and being able to spray. On the other hand, it makes sense for mod+ applications bc why be a moderator+ if youre never on the servers or not active anywhere. But as for the hidden posts part, I don't think Indi saying that he has the 10 hours of activity could have swayed anybody's opinion. As its not saying he was super active in 2019, just stating he has the 10 hours so that people who may not know him and just see whats on gametracker for him wont auto -1 for the not having 10 hours. Also with his activity, doesn't really matter if he is active. He has a life like the rest of us and can't be on GP servers 24/7.
  5. Well, I can tell you right now- I HIGHLY doubt indi will make it a csgo jb server as those tend to be very toxic within the player base, surf could be done on css. If anything we should maybe do an event to get the server populated. The game mode is really fun if there’s enough people. I don’t think it should be changed because with that same logic, we would be having to change pug and mini games to something else.
  6. I listen to pretty much any common music genre (except modern rap, it’s all trash post 2008). but a few of my favs in no particular order are- 1. Queen 2. MARINA 3. Arctic Monkeys 4. Gorillaz 5. AC/DC 6. Guns N Roses
  7. Shieeet, our school lunch is literal ass, BUT they make some good ass broccoli and cheddar soup. Shit slapped
  8. 1. Casual 2. jb 3. minigames 4. Pug
  9. Anything algebra related is my #1 second would probably be anything history/government/politic related
  10. Wooow you look just like this guy I know! maybe you know him? He’s gay as well his name is @tommy
  11. iPhone, personally because of the simplicity of it. Androids are good for those who wish to make changes to the phone itself with the open systems or whatever. I just prefer iphone, for the camera, accessibility, and the appearance
  12. Sad to see ya go karma, i remember when you joined gp, the good ole days lmfao
  13. may not have been on the discord, but definitely on the forums.....
  14. Karma was mod, but then he stepped down, then became PROJECT admin
  15. i suppose its average internet speed that i have EDIT: maybe not, now im lookin at some of yalls' speeds