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  1. the order "freeze crouch knifing the ground" is kinda annoying. Its basically an AFK freeze that Cts can use whenever they want multiple times a round. Im not sure what others opinions on the order is but it would be nice to see this order to be put under the AFK freeze umbrella, or to have a time limit.
  2. 1v1s or CSGO jb, i know everyone here hates csgo jb but like get hip and with the times man
  3. looks hot cant wait to try
  4. i dropped apush too much stress for a credit I don't even need
  5. big time bummer cya dude
  6. pls add this one bub
  7. thanks for the shoutout hun
  8. 1. The Cribs 2. The Garden 3. These New South Whales
  9. a grace period would be easier but I'm pretty sure it has been shot down before
  10. for those of you who ate school lunches what was your favorite lunch that ur school made youse? mine is fried chicken bc school fried chicken is good.
  11. italian 1 all we did in last 2 quarters was watch either Italian movies or movies dubbed in italian
  12. seems its breached every few months