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  1. afaik its nothing to do with SB, but I could be wrong.
  2. I don't mind having them. If people spam them constantly we can just take away their member ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Boy I sure don't miss those AP Exams. But anyway good luck man!
  4. Welcome back to GamePunch - We're glad to see you return! .:COMPLETED:.
  5. I think Neko said pretty much everything I had to say but I'll add a few more pointers. First of all, what difference does it make that people are or aren't active? Does it negatively impact the community? No. Members are just members, not mods (hence they don't need to be active), and I think that it is fair that people want to become member and end up just not playing for a while. So what? No harm no foul. This pretty much speaks for itself. And the notion that Indi's post about bsp having more than 10 hours somehow swayed people's opinion just makes no sense. It was a clarification to people that he had more than 10 hours so people wouldn't call him out for only having 45 minutes played. Simple as that.
  6. 1. The Beatles (greatest fucking musical act/band of all time imo) 2. Pink Floyd 3. Oasis
  7. None of it bc the food wasn’t food. Idek what it was.
  8. Another legend leaves us... But fr in the time that you were Manager it was fun working with you. Sorry that what happened has caused you to leave.
  9. @Karma, Wow, this was unexpected. Just hours ago you and I were discussing and planning future GP events. Sorry that so many recent events have caused you to depart. You would have been an excellent Project Manager. Don't be a stranger and come and stop by on the servers every now and then!
  10. No one should have to leave GP like this. Thank you for the countless hours you have put into making GP servers even better, and for your commitment to this community, you will be missed bud. Laters
  11. Time travel seems pretty poggies.