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  1. for this exact map i dont think that plugin will work, the ramps are made really bad so they actually have edges to them but tiny ones, to fix this you would to rebuild the ramp and make it more smooth.
  2. maybe scoutknives rpg? ;))
  3. I can see that this server isn't very active, maybe change the server to something else?, I got some suggestions with what you can turn the server into and why maybe get some popularity on other games or game type/modes and grow the community if any other people have any other suggestions just post them under 1. Surf server 2. Minecraft 3. cs:go jailbreak
  4. Hi sisters! This is a project for me as a person and what i can get better at in general behaviour and I would like to challange you aswell! For this to work I would like you to comment on this post and be 100% honest about what you think of me as a person, player in-game. I will not respond to your comments I will just read and see what people really think about me and probs change depending on the comments. So now its all up to you what you write and if you like to take the same challange! you dont have to take the challange you can also just make a comment on the post. Thanks for reading and may we meet in-game and play and have some fun! - Stay Silent.
  5. yeah i can see that to but there should be a diffrence when theres like 1 off or 2, specially when theres only positive votes, 0 negative or neutral, like jeets and dunkin's
  6. ahh mybad just saw u guys being mad ateachother earlier and yeah xD
  7. I would say if people dosen't vote its really not an active forum?? when i see member/mod/admin apps i would like to see more people just giving a vote even if its negative or neautral or positive when people don't vote is most likeley their not there at the time or hasn't seen it or just dosent care. Honastly sometimes i forget to vote myself or just becasue im not home or busy if there was like a system for when you only have positive comments like that it should be a difference on time you have on app or taken to staff team for discusions but thats ofcourse all up to the staff team. All im saying its just wierd . I also saw that jeets app didn't go trough becasue of not enough votes.
  8. could this topic be closed or delete the toxic comments , this wasn't supposed to be toxic intended, I dont really know what @Luciλand @tommyhas to eachtoher and i know tommy didnt start this by looking on the comments but anyway take it somewhere else im here to have fun and play and i just came with a suggestion not for toxicity. Would be appriciated. if u decide to delete the toxic comments then this exact comment can be removed thanks any @mods @admins @div leaders - Stay Silent.
  9. New application system for admins would be great, honestly just because not enough people didnt vote for dukins admin app that he didnt get it is a little absurd to for me everyone who voted gave a +1 and he was 1+ off i think I would say that deservs it, I also understand that it is a requirment but there was no -1, Requirment should be pulled in if there was neutral or -1 in the votes not because there wasnt enough votes when every vote was a +1 . but that just my opinion on it.
  10. I think it shouldnt be implied, so people actually can cheat if they forget to say it. once people say no cheating then no one does it as far ive seen. if they dont need to say it makes it a little stupid, cause then you get killed in no time for doing a cheat at a game wich sometimes is kinda funny deepending on the game, and some games to cheat is 1000 iq kap