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  1. I'll miss u bro...hope we can watch bad batch together
  2. nice playing with you, but... hacking on a minecraft server? come on dude, its a minecraft server that two people play on....get over yourself
  3. i cant even ban? lmao what are you on
  4. Skooma


    its going for twice the retail rn bud
  5. Skooma


    .22 LR
  6. im confused why you had to photoshop that
  7. admin team work together well me no admin me leadership me different
  8. have a great time, it's been real-ish, put some respecc on it ya hurd
  9. the only difference it would make is with SRV records, which source does not support
  10. Also, in the future - you should download Valheim+ from the GitHub. This is in fact the most updated version (0.9.6), and is on the server. Make sure when you install Valheim+ on your client, you remove the existing config. Download the config from the GitHub, and make this change on line 506 in valheim_plus.cfg: - to -
  11. Skooma


    GamePunch will be hosting our weekly Game Night on 3/24. It will start around 8:00pm ET. The game is yet to be determined. Contact the Events Team Host, @Mario for more information. Be there or be square!