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  1. hide and seek you fucking pepega
  2. good luck spud, I will miss you, keep playing gold rush the game until you can get out of that stupid car you start with.
  3. I am going to be playing agane :pogu: and I want the loa to be closed please :xqcL:
  4. what the fuck, its obviously coke
  5. use go agane or the juice :weirdchamp:
  6. he is funny, he is good at combat surf, and he has a nice accent.
  7. I will miss you karma, good luck on your adventures
  8. man, I'm going to cry, probably one of the most funniest players on gp, i will miss you man, i will inside everyone i team with just remember you. good luck on your adventures my man
  9. Hello agane. Unfortunately, I am taking another break. Too much stress and anxiety have come up in my life, it's nobodies fault, if its anyone to blame it's me. I'm sorry guys, you guys.