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  1. Lg3455

    Whats Better

    1. Jailbreak 2. Casual 3. Mini games 4. PUG
  2. Team killing I think would be a bad idea, it’s already tough enough, because T’s still team kill with doors and balls. I think if someone got team killed they would be mad .
  3. Take care, and goodbye
  4. Lg3455


    Okay now every good and fun people is leaving, welp bye! Wish ya luck in life
  5. Nooooo your leaving. Welp wish ya luck for life
  6. Well I like any games? I like to explore lots of games on Roblox
  7. My is done, sadly ;( though I just played css allllllll day for my spring break XD
  8. No, haven’t actually played in a while, been to busy playing CsS alllllll day. xd
  9. I honestly agree Trolls are like the worst. Come on if you want to be mean go to troll servers. All we want is to have some FUN