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  1. false cheating bans incomming oh nonono
  2. Actually, looking at what you've suggested it really all does make sense. Popular maps, a new anti cheat, and respawning? It just sounds like a whole new MG. I hope someone really does look into adding, removing what tommy has suggested.
  3. I don't see why anyone would disagree with this, I also doubt anyone likes the admins who enforce these types of rules like they're a nazi warden on razor.
  4. I think they would rather delete MG than make all these changes. But in all seriousness, MG has so many bugs. This is just a couple of easy steps to make the server better than ever, and hopefully populate it again.
  5. blyat

    Which is superior?

    only old people drink ginger ale also hit your pen
  6. if you're going to use anything from this list, use gillette
  7. flashback to when indi said he was replacing the combat surf server w/ a surf timer server
  8. true, at the school I went to for k-8th, the food literally had plastic particles in it
  9. mans really went mald that someone was cheating on a minecraft server that doesn't even belong to gp imagine..
  10. im not going to play with someone that gets people muted for called them british also i dont play roblox, i play apex nerd