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  1. this is really a problem. something I've brought up to the admins on the server in the past. imagine saying to 7-8 of your friends to get on MG, you get on Jacs and want to play knife fight. then one single admin gets on and starts slaying over and over... even though everyone on the server wants to knife. Literally its dick head administration. I would name people who do this, or people who used to... but im not a dick head myself. If you get on for the sole purpose to ruin peoples times, you dont deserve to be admin. MG is meant to be a server with little to no rules. This is the reason why the server isnt populated. not because people dont want to play it, or because MG sucks. its because its not fun the minute admins get on and ruin things. Bullshit is what makes MG fun.
  2. lets be fair, Dukin had overwhelmingly positive votes for his app. but he didn't meet the requirement. shouldn't have been denied. Lets also be fair... Indi and the staff team would have been criticized either way. They followed the ways the applications work perfectly with no exceptions. Lets again be fair.... Not enough people vote on applications, especially ones that aren't spammed by Indi in Members chat in discord. With all of this, Indi should look at this instance and find a way to make a difference in choices for the future.. if it be letting the application stay open for another 7 days.. or if he decides that with overwhelming positive votes but not reaching requirement by the end of the 7 day period, its a management decision whether or not its approved. Now the real outrage should be why isnt Dukin Leader yet?