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  1. this is good, I like the majority of these artists especially talking heads, misfits and the clash but I have one thing to say- you really don't like tool or nirvana??? to each their own of course but it surprises me given your apparent taste.
  2. wait... Dukin and I have the same first name??? bruh, this is a shocking discovery. I do somewhat agree with this though, the same thing happened to Jeets, he didn't get a single minus one I'm pretty sure yet he still didn't get accepted. at the same time though I think its fair enough I guess, its a shame he didn't get accepted, ill be honest i didn't even see his app, if I had I would've plus 1'd him so I feel somewhat guilty for that. that's all.
  3. I wasn't even aware Corey Taylor solo produced any tracks, this is awesome because I love slipknot to death. giving these a listen for sure
  4. I consider myself a bit of a music snob so what better topic to be my first. I personally cant pick one favorite but a few of my favorites would probably be Radiohead, Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes. I hope to hear some responses, I'm trying to find more bands to listen to so any recommendations are more than welcome That is all.
  5. I like this idea, if the same thing could be applied to the warday command that could very well work. However it would no longer be a spontaneous thing and would have to be announced and prepared for (which isn't a bad habit anyway IMO) unless they also added the countdown timer like in special days. I don't know the first thing about source or code in general so I wont touch on any of that lest I make a fool of myself. I have personally been knifed opening cells countless times as I know others have, its not the end of the world when this happens of course but its not pleasant for someone who enjoys taking part in wardays. That is all.
  6. This is an interesting topic. In my opinion having to state no cheating before a game is just more monotonous crap for warden's to remember, and I see it very often that a warden will remember to state every rule other then that one (myself wholly included). However I am somewhat on the fence about it because at times cheating in a map game can result in entertaining banter, often it is just as simple as it sounds, merely jump out of the game or avoid it in some boring manner, its low brow, and often not creative or amusing at all. After all despite what some people may say I think the objective of JB (at least in my opinion) is to have fun with fellow community members, I've never considered it to be as competitive as people make it out to be, and are you really having a good time by essentially refusing a game by "cheating". Again, I am leaning in one direction but still on the fence so I hope to receive some feedback. That is all.
  7. i was lucky enough that my school had a salad bar, everything else was inedible. edit: yes I'm the kid that ate the salad at school, I am also the kid who sat in silence apart from other students, sometimes even in my favorite teachers class where it was just him and I, I am that kid. no shame
  8. creative writing and/or ap photography no doubt.
  9. smh this is upsetting, stay in touch k?
  10. what a fucking shame.. gone but not forgotten, hope to see you on the server despite no longer being admin, always enjoyed our interaction on cas nd jb. too soon