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  1. Games and rooms need labels/directions.
  2. Long, boring course maps do not belong in a Minigames server, that is a point I strongly agree with. This post is an excellent summary of improvements that the Minigames server currently needs. However, How dare you even suggest to remove test_speakers and test_hardware. They are by far the best maps currently in rotation. The removal of those maps would be detrimental to the future of the Minigames server, and potentally even GamePunch entirely.
  3. It sounds to me like this is rule isn't worded very well. If nobody is complaining about it, then there is no reason to enforce it. This rule should only be enforced if complaints are being made about certain minigames being picked multiple times in a row. If everyone is enjoying themselves, then it becomes a problem when staff members are the ones ruining the enjoyment. I believe to avoid future confrontations about this, the rule should at least be reworded to include the point I have just stated.