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  1. i mean i can still see the side for please don't change it, assholes are just gonna target me with the soccer ball while im trying to pay attention to the warden maybe im just a biased ct player who likes popping heads but im still all for the halfway route of making it kill on sight instead of slayable. Ts would still be risking their own skin so they couldn't just assholes getting away with targeting newbies, getting easy peasy teamkills with their hands tied behind their back.
  2. man lord you really went off not so much with everything else but i agree with this one ^^
  3. Ari

    Project Silent.

    youre really cool im sorry i got mad about you over that grenade thing i was just peeved at the time youre fun to play on the server with so idk ive never had a good reason to dislike you ty for being cool
  4. I remember a plug-in on HoE that opened all doors on the map at 6:30 (gets Ts out of their cells, opens armory doors for a few seconds). It was balanced and it didn't break open any vents.
  5. i wouldnt mind seeing it removed as a slayable offense if it was changed to being kos, middle ground where at least the terrorist has to be sneaky about and has a potential risk