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  1. ol { counter-reset: item; list-style-type: none; } ol li:before { counter-increment: item; font-weight: bold; } ol.server li:before { content: 'A' counter(item, decimal-leading-zero) '. '; } ol.jailbreak li:before { content: 'B' counter(item, decimal-leading-zero) '. '; } Minigames Rules Server General: Do not disrespect, harass, or flame anyone. Do not spam. Do not exploit plugins, maps, rules, or the CS:S client itself. Hacking, scripting, hyperscroll, and macros are not allowed. No ghosting of any kind. Porn, gore, and disturbing images are not allowed for sprays. Advertising of other communities is not allowed, including in-game names. Racial slurs are not allowed. Religious and political discussions are not allowed. Anything that hinders gameplay, delays the round, or clearly causes issues is punishable. Minigames Specific: All players must participant in each game. Do not pick a mini-game excessively; switch it up to keep the server happy if needed. Do not slay yourself to avoid being killed by an opponent. Note: These rules can and will change, but any changes will be reflect in both the Changelog as well as a ping to everyone with the "Minigames" tag in our Discord.