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  1. Facts. and if you guys add another CSGO Server someone has to be on top of updating the server. Along with updating sourcemod
  2. It’s dead because you didn’t update it when CS:GO updated. Always tried to play on it. Always said outdated.
  3. Another command we need is sm_teleport. It allows admins to teleport people. In knife arenas some of them break, not letting people in. admins should be able to !teleport players into the arena. it stops from the round turning to shit.
  4. It most likely will fix it all.
  5. If you need any help cheating let me know
  6. ^ arcs
  8. example of bug im talking about would be good to test on map games such as slide to see if it doesn't break them. how to fix: install into plugins folder would be good to test on map games such as slide to see if it doesn't break them.
  9. Plum I find the map extremely fun, however, people that aren't as good as the usual MG player isn't able to beat it. it's just boring for players who aren't as skilled as a regular course map player. Removing maps that arent as popular as the others makes complete sense in my eyes. Especially with the high ass recently played shit taking 6-7 maps to allow you to play on previous maps. idk, why would people want maps that they don't play? popular course maps exist and there all classics. Gore course, nimafa, office etc. people stay on those ones. but from past experience, I don't really see people stay on for remsopor (or the other hard maps) unless it's all the skilled players. lewis, myself, ryze, hunter, you, etc...
  10. guy says long post for a short reply and writes this kek Removing unnecessary plugins, broken maps etc just genuinely fixing what's broken on the server. and yes. Most of my hours on CSS is on MG or surf, and surf is deaddead but MG ain't there yet. just want to help and make MG great again.
  11. naright In all seriousness tho, I could. I've helped 2 different communities before. Hell on earth, and NGG/NXG. ( dev'd a bhop server for HoE, many bug fixes, dev'd a lot of the NXG shit) I find server dev'ing extremely easy, and fun.
  12. but the first part is true. We don’t need any more disrespectful words being said on the server. Ya know?