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  1. How about not add CSGO. Source is already having low population issues. We need to invest interest in Source. Half of the GP community playing other games is reason why JB / MG can't get more than 15 players during the day.
  2. fuckin nerd this isn't a diary jk gl logical
  3. backalley run, pirate ship wars pls
  4. I think the majority of times teamkilling is hilarious, a vital part of the game that we are missing out on. The rule is catering towards people who either suck at the game, the rule gives them a handicap and/or they are toxic players who can't enjoy getting pwned once in a while. I believe that the majority of active/long term player base have no problem when on the receiving end of getting teamkilled. The most laughs and moments in the game is when somebody gets pwned by a teammate. I find the current rule creates more hostility when somebody bitches to an admin to slay somebody. We need to encourage players to not get so upset when somebody outwits them, nor should we listen to their complaints....Allowing teamkilling will add a different perspective and playstyles for T's and utilizing the map to their advantage. We shouldn't make rules for a minority of "abuses". I find it bullshit to think that it will be abused because it is nearly impossible to do so. Nor should we have rules for the minority of events and/or unexperienced jailbreak players; they should learn to play the game AS INTENDED, and experienced/active players shouldn't lose such a fun aspect for the game. *If you say that this is "my opinion of what jailbreak is" go fuck yourself because you've played for what? not even 2 years? (I normally don't attack others but I think its justified during this point) I find that most of the counter arguments are from people who haven't even played Jailbreak, and are unworthy voices to listen to when it comes to crucial changes such as this. And LOL if you think that this ^ is what I meant by server morale. Its just the truth. We've done a good job revising the rules, and we've removed most problems. The act of removing it sets an example beyond the rules itself and sets a standard. We won't have rules that cater towards the minority of circumstances/events and player opinions. I think my prior posts/debates/arguments in addition to this are enough to prove that the server morale will go up. And to drive it home to people who are skeptical and are afraid of so called "ABUSE". What the fuck are you talking about? How is somebody going to abuse something that doesn't exist? Majority of teamkills are blatant, avoidable, and fucking hilarious. These are my two alternatives. 1 or 2. I'm willing to compromise, but clearly prefer option 2.
  5. Bumping this thread. Start from the beginning. We need to improve the server moral.
  6. Carrots, Celery, Onions 2 cans of san marzano peeled tomato, and tomato paste Pasta Chicken Thighs Sour Cream Cooking skill: 7 What can I make? note: i have miscellaneous spices, cast iron pan, sauce pan
  7. David Bowie is my favorite musician/performer - especially his late 70s albums with Brian Eno / Robert Fripp from King Crimson My favorite classic bands: 1. Led Zeppelin > Pink Floyd > Black Sabbath 2. The Clash, The Smiths, Talking Heads 3. Misfits, The Stooges/Iggy Pop My favorite metal/hardcore bands: 1. Darkthrone, Burzum, Hate Forest, Isengard, Old Funeral, Minenwerfer.... 2. Megadeth > Metallica 3. Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Endpoint Notable mention: GG Allin Worst bands of all time: The Beatles, Tool, Nirvana, The Eagles, and all rap artists
  8. So because a small minority will abuse it, in a scenario that is avoidable. Unless its an exploit. We All Must NOT be able to teamkill, when most scenarios are apparent, like soccer, jump rope, and when people stand on the electric chair. Do you all think somebody's running around with a soccer ball mace teamkilling everyone?
  9. How are they considered a dick, or an asshole? If someone chooses you to die in trivia, this must make them a dick? Also, the compromise "excessive" is subjective, and the rules have ALWAYS been changed to remove as much subjective errors in the server rules as possble. Adding excessive would be fundamentally worse than the current rule. Killing everyone with a laser is an exploit. The situation with a person using the laser as an advantage not intended for Jailbreak.
  10. Yes, it is tragic but how is this inherently a bad thing? I don't see how the victim's death is any different than losing a game, or is picked to die. The victim didn't survive. Is the person who was following orders SOL when he lost a trivia question and was picked to die? There are many scenarios where a T's death is not in the victims hands. Teamkilling is just one of them.
  11. Current Rule B06 - Teamkilling without an active game being played is not allowed. The current rule is enforcing that Warden decides when a game is being played, and it's not necessary. The T's who survive the round should be paying attention, and should NOT be in position to get teamkilled. Teamkilling is a not only hilarious, but it should be your duty as a T to get your teammates killed to reach LR. I believe it is a vital mechanic in Jailbreak. Most frequently a Teamkiller is slayed for knifing the soccer ball, pressing game buttons. You can't name a single example of a player being teamkilled where the player was unskilled, out of position, or simply not paying attention. Why is it only a game when Warden says its a game? We are following Warden's order, but we are also competing for LR. If you weren't a victim of a teamkill. Essentially you'll see my suggestions boils down to 2 alternatives. 1. Removes the word 'active' Rule B06 - Teamkilling without a game being played is not allowed. 2. Remove the rule completely. My first suggestion is a comprise to the players who have anger management problems, or suck at the game. My second and preferred suggestion is to AVOID the subjective scenarios the Admins make decisions on, and make the discipline a constant. There are very few occasions that a player somehow get's unfairly teamkilled. Why do we have a rule for such a small minority of events? When it completely ruins the entertainment and fun for everyone else when somebody gets pwned. *If you are going to retort to this, do not give some bullshit response "the objects in cells on this jb_map wahhh", "This one time I got teamkilled", or any nonsense.
  12. There are over 100 maps on Jailbreak, which MORE than half of are obsolete. Most of the time we are playing the same general rotation of maps. Which is NOT a problem. There is a SERVER VOTE for a reason, the majority of players want to play these maps (razor,carceris,spyvspy,new summer, black ops etc). The reason why is because these maps are fun, that's why they are picked. But also, these obsolete maps don't stand a chance. I find that there is no competition within map nominations, or map voting. When it comes time to vote for a map, the first 3 are razor, carceris, new summer. And the other 3 maps on the vote list are obsolete. Nobody wants to warden, the population goes down, and it undervalues the map itself. Nobody will take these maps seriously. My suggestion: The community or Staff need to come up with an accurate map list for the server. The list needs to be small, with QUALITY MAPS. We need other maps to have a chance in a vote competing with the current map meta. We need to put VALUE on the under played maps. In result, I believe that other maps, even put up to standard of Razor and New Summer will have a higher % chance of being played by map votes. We might see these obsolete maps being played, and potentially revived. It will spice things up within server votes, and we might see population sticking to the now obsolete maps. Edits: This will encourage new map creators.