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  1. I'd put Serj Tankian from System of a Down as my favorite musician. I feel his vocal style ain't for everyone but hearing him do all kinds of crazy shit with his voice on every album is fucking goosebumps every time I hear it. Also SOAD is my favorite band so yeah, any band/artist I do list here I still love a lot bear that in mind. There's no specific order for 99.9% of these, not doing that shit. I guess I can try to list some bands in like a rock and metal category. This one's more rock, I think there might be some non super hard artists in here (at least IMO). Avenged Sevenfold / Black Sabbath / Bring Me The Horizon / Deftones / Gorillaz / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / Led Zeppelin / My Chemical Romance / Primus / Rage Against The Machine / Soundgarden / System of a Down / Tool Then here's just the loud shit: Behemoth / Death / Emperor / Gojira / Megadeth / Metallica / Opeth / Pantera / Sepultura / Slayer / Slipknot (mostly for Iowa) Oh yeah, stuff that isn't rock or metal. There ain't much: Aphex Twin / (insert a lot of video game OST here lmfao) /shrug I tried