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  1. sM_

    New CS:GO Server

    the servers I usually play its multiple 1v1 arenas with 2 big teams. once all the 1v1s are done a new round starts. I generally do it for practice but its still fun
  2. +1 Dumb rule. If the game is getting played, the people want to play it. Simple as that.
  3. I'm sorry people joked about that. Some people are simply destined to bring others down. Don't let them get to you, they are pathetic. Take the time you need and take care of yourself bud.
  4. sM_

    Which is superior?

    Dr. Pepper is the best Coke is respectable Anyone that prefers Pepsi out of those three, seek help
  5. Still think it should have been hidden (not posted at all). Maintain integrity of the system currently in place. Let the people do their research and decide, or allow all comments to be visible and let them be informed that way.
  6. I agree with you Tommy. Recent activity means more than former activity. You want members to be regular players, even if its only like 30 mins everyday or so. On the topic of hidden posts - I also agree, hide them all or show them all. Indi making his post visible on his thread isn't fair because it likely swayed votes, which is the entire reason we hide posts in the first place TMK. edit: grammar
  7. Catering to JB sweats on a game that doesn't see many new players these days isn't the smartest idea...just ruins the experience when you are trying to play and get teamkilled for no good reason at all other than for the enjoyment of the person who killed you. And this is just a clear cut elitist mindset. How you "should" play the game isn't solely going out of your way to unjustifiably teamkill for your own enjoyment or whatever reason. I enjoy jailbreak, but I do not go out of my way to find every advantage to win the round in existence. Instead, like many others, I just play casually to have fun. And it isn't even the "abuse" I am concerned about. The rule is just fundamentally flawed. No person should be allowed to teamkill without good reason (i.e. game). Accidents happen and that is fine. Teamkilling for the hell of it, however, is not a good reason.
  8. When what? Don't get what you are asking
  9. Well then an application could get only 5 +1s and be accepted. I see no issue with needing 12 +1s for admin because, as Indi said, Ryze got 25 comments (overwhelmingly positive). The title of admin should not be a small advancement either, I think 12 is a little low personally, given the number of active members in the community.
  10. JID! Can't wait for the album. Also like Kanye rn.
  11. Should tell you if you scroll down after putting your email in
  12. Honestly, I would be alright with this. Anything to simplify playing JB in regards to rules I am all for. Also don't see the point in map games if someone just cheats to win lol.
  13. Change your password on the breached sites, and enable 2fa if possible. Change your email password, and enable 2fa there as well. SMS 2fa is better than nothing, but I personally recommended something like Google Authenticator or another authenticator app due to sms having security issues. You probably already know this, but never use the same passwords on your accounts.
  14. Facebook recently suffered a data breach containing users full names, email addresses, phone numbers, and locations. I decided to share this in case anyone here missed it. You can check haveibeenpwned to see if your email (and other data) was compromised. If your result comes back compromised, I would change your password and enable 2FA if not enabled already. It isn't a bad idea to do that anyway, even if your data isn't compromised.