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  1. ● OFFICIAL LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT ● Hello everyone! After what seems like 100 years of waiting, I am proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated CS:GO Prop Hunt server! Many hours of testing have gone into this server, to bring the best gaming experience for Prop Hunt! CS:GO Prop Hunt is similar to Garry's Mod Prop Hunt, but with a TON more features and perks! A few things to keep in mind while playing: ▬ AS A SEEKER ▬ Type !ct or /ct to request joining the Seeker team. You will then be added to the queue. For every shot/knife you do without hitting a prop, you will lose health. For every kill you receive per round, you earn round cash to use in the Seeker Perks menu! With your knife out, right click to bring up the Seeker Perks menu. For CT's: various weapons upgrades. After each upgrade finishes loading in, right click to bring up the latest perks list! ▬ AS A HIDER ▬ To freeze your prop, simply don't touch your keyboard for 2 seconds. It will automatically freeze your prop! The smaller the prop, the slow you move. The bigger the prop, the faster you move. Each prop has stats to go along with it. Speed Health If you're a T you must taunt by pressing left click. If you fail to taunt in time, you'll see warnings in chat to taunt and you'll be forced to taunt. If you are forced to taunt you will lose money for that round. For every taunt you do, you earn round cash to use in the Hider Perks menu! With your knife out, right click to bring up the Hider Perks menu. For T's: various perks such as Decoy, Health, Speed and much more! After each upgrade finishes loading in, right click to bring up the latest perks list! Over 125 taunts to enjoy! Towards the end of the round, you'll have the ability to transform into a Zombie and attack the Seekers! Ultimate Lvl 1 (free) [Fairly weak, slow, knife] Ultimate Lvl 2 ($420 in-game cash) [Most common, normal speed, knife] Ultimate Lvl 3 ($666 in-game cash) [More health, fast speed, knife + Zeus taser] Use your cash wisely so that you can experience the Ultimate zombie transformation! ▬ CS:GO SKIN RAFFLES ▬ Each month, the GamePunch Prop Hunt server will be hosting various CSGO skin raffles to giveaway! To start off with a bang, GamePunch will be raffling off TWO epic skins: the AK Neon Revolution and M4 Dragon King skins! To enter, type !raffles in game and select which raffle you'd like to enter. Tokens can only be generated by time played on the server. Donations for tokens is not available. You can see your % probability of winning after you enter each raffle. Each raffle winner is chosen by random from the raffle plugin. Neon Revolution AK-47 Skin [Minimal Wear] Dragon King M4A4 Skin [Minimal Wear] I hope everyone enjoys the Prop Hunt server and what it has to offer. If you have any feedback on the initial launch of the server, please post it below! I am open to any and all criticism and view points. Thanks all! -Glow
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  2. Minimum $5, I always try and and do around 20%+. I know what its like being a server. Plus, its always nice to see someone's day brightened by it <:) Edit: unless you're just a total dick or ditz
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  3. It's a 15% minimum of the total, with my family and I. Members of my family have worked waiter/waitressing jobs so they're real understanding for others. On special occasions, like Christmas Eve, we've tipped $100 just as a nice surprise for whoever is having to work them.
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