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  1. Personally I think the rule as it written now is fine.
  2. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but we will pass on this for now.
  4. Custom Map Competition: Voting It's time to vote.. Many thanks to the contestants who've entered GamePunch's first Custom Map Competition! Check out the entries below and vote for your favorite! Voting will end on July 29th, 2021 @ 11PM ET. The map with the most votes will be declared the winner. bhop_timecrunch (by Logical) If you'd like to set up your own LAN Bhop server, follow Logical's guide: https://itslogical.dev/references/server/ Map Download: Click here mg_iolite_mutligames (by Lucia & Tommy) Map Download: https://gamebanana.com/mods/306550 Best of luck to both entries!
  5. For full details regarding this event, check out the event announcement: Good luck!
  6. Minigames Mario Kart Racing Event IT'S EVENT TIME! When? Friday, July 30th @ 8:00 PM ET Who can play ? Anyone can play! First come, first serve. If the server fills up and you cannot join, then oh well! What map is it? We will be playing on this map -- https://gamebanana.com/mods/127867 We will be playing the Beach course. How does it work? We will start at 8PM ET on Friday, July 30th. We will play 2 warmup rounds so that everyone can get used to the map and the flow of the race track. On the 3rd round, the event will be live! What are the prizes? 1st place will receive 100,000 credits on Minigames + $20 Steam Gift card 2nd place will receive 50,000 credits on Minigames + $10 Steam Gift Card If you have any questions regarding the event, please post below so there can be clarification before event day! Thank you for reading Glow
  7. Just chrome. Don’t really use any extensions. Sometimes use Firefox
  8. Glow

    5v5 PUG Night

    Hey all, Going to try to make PUG Nights an everyday thing starting at 8PM ET (roughly). I think it would be easier to get people to play if there was a time scheduled for this. Let's see how it goes!
  9. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  10. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  11. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  12. Hi everyone! Our 31st community meeting is Saturday, July 24th at 3PM EST! Make sure you have joined our Discord and that your profile is verified (Discord box is on the forum index at the bottom right). Bring a friend!
  13. Glow

    Mod+ Meeting

    Mod+ Meeting will take place Saturday, July 24th @ 2PM ET. If you cannot attend, please post below.
  14. Will follow up with Logical today to see if we can get this implemented
  15. Glow

    New Theme!

    Welcome to GamePunch's brand new v4 theme! Many thanks to @Logicalfor working with me on getting the brand new theme polished and finalized tonight. If you guy's see any bugs, please be sure to let me know so it can be addressed and handled. Thank you! -Glow
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