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  1. Sweet a long mg post to make a short reply to! 1. New AC: This is probably a good idea, simply based on the cases you've stated it will not hurt to try something different if someone is willing to put in the effort to actually get it configured and working. As can be clearly figured out by yourself, MDX has been around for a long time so we can safely say exploits and ways to avoid detection probably exist within cheats geared towards specifically cheating by using strafe hacks and bhops (which I would hope that strafe hacks are), so honestly it's probably not a bad idea to simply have something different if only to try to catch those unaware. If what you are suggesting about rampant strafe hacks is true, it will prove effective in proving the case of needing a better working AC for bhopping/strafing. (Or at least deter from further abuse of said strafe hacks.) 2. Removing SourceTV: This one is just a straight up good idea. While it was well intentioned to help catch hackers late night with no mods on, sadly there is no population on for it to properly watch and be useful, and if the negative drawbacks are causing server slowdown it's not worth the hassle. There's really not much to say here aside from if someone can actually make a good solid case to keep it I would love to hear it. 3. Map changes: I agree with all of the removals, while I disagree with some of the maps you called good it's personal taste (where is nipperhouse or hell even oaks minigames :c), all of those are popular mg maps and do typically lead to population as long as someones on to play against. I would love to see the MG map pool actually be voted on monthly or at least logged to see what maps are popular and allow small injections bi-monthly of maps voted on my active MG players to introduce new maps into the pool safely instead of the typical copy paste dump and hope people enjoy them. Maybe someone somewhere can figure this out doesn’t sound like a bad idea at least on paper…. 4. Optimization: Would love to see what you think you can improve here, sadly any talk directed at this topic is purely speculation. If you’ve got any specific ideas I’d love to hear them. 4.1? Respawn: Personally I think this should have been around at the start but, I can see why people would disagree. It should be added to reduce the infuriating chance to get doored on most maps. Noone likes to die at the start of the round due to a physics issue so introducing respawns under certain conditions such as: start of the round death, late spawn by seconds, gravity clipping/kills would be a good change to the server simply in general. Clearly most of these ideas are coming from someone with at least a small inkling of care for the server and as I’ve not seen any major changes to mg in quite a while maybe this will be a refreshing change to see happen. Hell it may even be what it needs to actually be populated again. now to go back to that hole of a void that I don't contribute from....
  2. Sorry I never accepted your offer to help Dunder, glad to see you did get out of it in one piece without too much grey hairs hopefully. You may understand why I said I'd never touch source pawn again now, it's very common what happened to you and hopefully you'll move onto better personal projects. o7 Oh and that one day on mini games you were testing bets, it was me fucking with you. -Wafflesfulls
  3. Hextic

    Hey Nerds

    What linux do you have? Most problems are going to be specific to the distro. Also did you manually install or use repo steam. Edit- Also native css client or emulated
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