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  1. I apologize. Make more penguins. They look great.
  2. Yo. Who gives a fuck. Quit bitching and play the game or go paint more shitty penguins.
  3. @HunterX848 @Glow This is just a taste. Enjoy. ^_^
  4. Motionless in white is baby shit.... Its.....ight.
  5. Just grap top 20 maps played and rotate. Easy.
  6. I mean it's a legitimate order. HOWEVER. My only issue with that order is when wardens go full retard, gives the order then proceeds to unwarden and hunt people down and comes back to killing people that aren't doing that order and claim they can do that because "its in the rules"..... And it's not.... Personally, I don't care for the order. I don't get how it's any different than telling the T's to freeze. ^_^
  7. 1v1. I've mentioned this before.
  8. I'm sure tommy could do it. But it's not me that needs convincing to give access to do that. That would be Glow. Lol. Good luck.
  9. Tommy. I don't care.
  10. LOL Whatever helps you sleep tommy.
  11. Says the guy that'll casually drop N bombs... /shrug ^_^
  12. It's all or nothing my guy. Hard R.
  13. Yeaaaahhhhh.... Good luck getting anyone to do any of this.... /shrug ^_^
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