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  1. it aint gonna be the same around here without you got dam....
  2. lmao it's a CS:S community. people come and go, it's an old ass game. the fact that these servers even exist and get consistent players is mind-boggling in and of itself. i'm not dickriding GP, I just don't really have high expectations at this point.
  3. I'm on board for a better mod application process, but promotions based on community recommendations are the best idea I've heard in years. Staff should only be promoted from Mod to Admin if they receive the support of the community (which is not exclusive to mod+, that includes members). It's important to remember that mods work for the players. You're public servants, and if the people don't respect you or trust in your ability to act fairly you should not be brought into a position that holds more power. One could argue that basing promotions off of community opinion would turn it into a popularity contest, which is correct - and that's a good thing. There's no need to worry incompetent mods getting promoted due to being popular because nobody likes incompetent mods.
  4. nation... man you were always one of my favorite guys to chill with on jb. I am fucking furious that anyone would stoop down to the level of harassment they've put you through. You were and still will be one of the most loved people here and you've done nothing but help others and spread positivity throughout the duration of your time here. if you ever need anything feel free to ask, i always felt comfortable talking to you. i hope to run into you again somewhere sometime, but for now i wish you good luck in sorting out your current situation and i'm sending you lots of love. pat your girl for me
  5. RIP HentaiOS gone but not forgotten hopefully it's massive futa boner won't break through the casket
  6. -1 BUT Hear me out: anyone can join CT. if someone on CT doesn't have a mic, and someone on T with a mic wants to swap, they switch teams.
  7. will the meeting be recorded and uploaded?
  8. i typed the first 3 letters of the gamer word on mg and mike silenced me for 120 minutes. i of course hopped to another server, only to find i was also silenced there. unbeknownst to me, i had joined another GP server, but this one was called "jailbreak" and i kept getting killed at the start of every round for some reason... shortly after i got to know a bunch of the staff on jb including plum and demnoodles (and tech9 [lol]). everyone was very nice except terminator, who told me to kill myself during my first PUG match when i went 0:9
  9. I listen to a ton of old krautrock. Can, Faust, Neu!, Amon Düül II, etc. My all-time favorite band is King Crimson no contest. "Red" and "Discipline" are two of the best albums made every (IMO). Right now I've been listening to a lot of jazz/free-improvisation, particularly Neptunian Maximalism and Shibusashirazu. My favorite song right now is "Nganga". I love the way it's mixed: the guitar/sitar and vocals have so much reverb you can barely hear what they're doing melodically. The drums are fuck-you VISCERAL right in your face, punchy and aggressive and make you wanna just beat shit up. The brass section and oboe are amazing, lots of cool improvisation. Check it out if you're into jazz or big-band music at all. Hell, if you're a metal fan you'll probably enjoy it too just because of how heavy it is.
  10. ayy frebo, i'm suprised you havent made one of these yet, you're a real fun regular on jb. get those 10 posts done and apply for member already !
  11. You've done a good job of weighing out the pros and cons of the current rule. The tradeoff is that new players will get blasted for accidentally unholstering, but the CTs never have to worry about freekilling someone who points a gun at them. You've proven yourself that new players can learn the rule fairly quickly, so as long as they don't ragequit right after getting killed for having a gun out they can learn from their mistake. The problem with requiring CTs to use common sense is that a lot of people don't have any (myself included). I'm a pretty braindead CT and I get rekt a lot because I'm either tired or not paying attention. It would be difficult for CTs to make a snap decision about a T holding a gun and figure out whether they're dropping it or about to blast them.
  12. ayyyyy i've seen u on CT lately, you're actually pretty good. look forward to chillin on jb with you again soon
  13. same. got dumped on 7/11 which I thought was pretty hilarious despite the circumstances
  14. Effective immediately I will be resigning as admin and leaving the Gamepunch community. Recently, a player named ><> received a 240 minute CT ban. The reason for the ban was "Troll Orders / MFK". As seen in the demo on his appeal (link to the appeal), he did not actually break any rules. I clarified with the banning admin and the manager+ team and they confirm that he did not break rule [C17], despite it being the reason listed on his CT ban. The reason for his ban was instead that he was "being a dick" and that it "wasn't fair" that he didn't repeat his orders when the terrorists didn't comply (despite nobody asking for a repeat within a reasonable timeframe). He was given 240 because none of the terrorists (except dock) were paying attention. Essentially, he was banned because the staff didn't like him. This sets a precedent. You can now be banned/silenced/CT banned for any reason at all. You do not have to break the rules. All you have to do is piss off a member of the staff team in one way or another and you will be hit with a hefty punishment. Your appeal will be denied with no further info, and people will pretend it never happened. I refuse to be a part of a community that employs this method of punishment. The rules exist for a reason, and if staff move beyond them and instead hand out punishments for things they deem to be "damaging to gameplay", they become moot. The mod training, the OoO, the recent promotions, are meaningless if this is the sort of moderation we employ. I would like to say that it has been a pleasure being part of the team up until this point and that I wish the best for you all going forward.
  15. fuck man, i'm sad to see you go. especially so soon after you got admin. hearing "UH OH STINKY!" and getting blasted during an AFK freeze order is one of my earliest and fondest memories of jailbreak. you've been here since what feels like forever and it just wont be the same without you. don't stay gone for long
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