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  1. 100% agree with -1 on this could lead to increased inappropriate behavior having female Counter strike source skins/characters added
  2. You do realize this happens anyways right? Every lr I've seen when it was 2 T's and 1 CT left the 2nd T has run away gotten a gun and waited til the lr was finished so no idea how it's an (awful idea) unless you can specify the negativity it will bring to GP if added. Don't just say because T's will rebel while the CT is in the lr this happens in every lr anyways and don't say because the other servers you played on that had it caused it to be awful. 1. It's not a gun toss it's a rocket toss^ meaning it can be set up to where the CT keeps their secondary / primary depending on which option is chosen for the rocket toss. 2. Just because you didn't like it on other servers doesn't mean it's bad. 3. It's something new which could possibly be good for GP as it would still be expanding. Positives- 1.It would be GP continuing to expand into a variety of different types of lr. 2.The CT would still have a weapon to defend them self whether it be the Main or Secondary depending on how the plugin is setup. 3. There wouldn't be any interference since the distance between guns wouldn't change if a T or CT tried to interfere. 4. It allows people to practice rocket tossing which some people have done before as a custom lr^. 5. There wouldn't be any cheating cause the T wouldn't be able to stab the CT while they were doing their rocket toss or vise versa. 6. It would be a new lr and could be fun for others to try out since people are always wanting new things added to GP Jailbreak.
  3. Even tho I only play css at a friends house I think LR Rocket Toss would be cool. You get 1 chance each to hit your gun the farthest. Farthest rocket toss wins loser is slain/killed How it would work. 1. It would freeze the T and CT side by side evenly only allowing them to jump to avoid cheating. 2.It would keep track of the distance between the 2 guns Ex(Assassin mike distance-107 Glow-115) 3. If you miss it would be a zero if both parties fail it could be set to go into a knife fight mode or set into a retry. 4. Loser is slain Note if a T or CT interferes with the LR it wouldn't change how far the gun has gone it counts the distance where it originally landed. @Glow @Assassin Mike no idea if this lr can be made but if it can awesome.
  4. im good i plan on quitting css comepletely by the end of the month+ kyle and duk1n aren't staff anymore meaning the only ones I can ask for my euro is u god tony and pixle+i already put 1k+ hours into gp servers. was just giving my opinions so tty next month or next year depends when i feel like it.
  5. My final opinion. When a non GP member or GP member purposely trigger the word filter multiple times even though there is no one with a name in-game that will cause a silence to happen. I've been seeing some people keep setting it off even though they shouldn't be if they're a member they shouldn't have (another chance if they've done it before) Multiple people have done this and I've only seen a couple punished. (what I would love to see happen is the word filter go back to silencing for 3 days that way people can reflect on what they've said, because it's starting to appear as if the 1 hour silences aren't enough to stop people from purposely triggering it for fun.
  6. a completely different opinion I have Can you be less strict when it comes to accepting mod/member apps? I keep seeing people get+1's who are active in-game and get denied due to only a small amount of people voting
  7. Do I think GP is dying no, but I do think Counter strike itself is going to die quickly as newer games are brining the attention of the current players away from the game. The staff team-Last time I was on I was told there was no more mod+ training by an ex manager, and one of the admins was asking multiple mod/admin for help and they said in voice chat I don't feel like joining that chaotic server right now and continued playing a different game which they do often. These 2 always say I don't feel like helping out on jailbreak which if they have jobs is understandable, but when they live stream different games on discord when being asked to help by a fellow staff member shouldn't happen imo. GameTracker.com : Player Page for GP⋆ mario GameTracker.com : Player Page for GP⋆ Makaj Like I said if they have jobs it's understandable or if they have an loa up. also staff members with almost 0 hours in 30 days shouldn't happen unless what I said above is applied^ GameTracker.com : Player Page for GP⋆ DasC15 GameTracker.com : Player Page for GP⋆ SpaceMan™ Other than these 4 everyone else I've seen get online often and their game trackers can back up what I said. Also if the mod training really was stopped please start that again incase new mods *want to be trained* to avoid accidental punishments. (This is just my opinion so doesn't really matter if it's taken seriously)
  8. Top classes Advanced history English Health
  9. I got a samsung 7s Back to being afk for years -Found my old password/This is karma-
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1879718082 That is a screen shot to my steam screenshot inventory it wouldn't post on insert other media I picked a no scope battle with G3SG1 it gave the ct the full auto sniper but it gave me a deagle.
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