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  1. It'd of been nice to know you could of went solo, regardless grats on the winners.
  2. I'm kinda 50/50 on this one/ From a player perspective, I get it, more games can be played and actually spray contest can. Though from indis/GPs perspective it gives players an incentive to be a member.
  3. >Throwing knives deathmatch? >sumo wrestle but maybe x2 circle size but more of a kick with knives?
  4. Enjoy bro, sounds like a decent time.
  5. @Glow Your final thoughts on this?
  6. I have it on slideshow with these
  7. Withdrawing from the competition, unfortunately. Good luck to the remaining teams.
  8. https://gamebanana.com/mods/294665 Update: Map is now fully released, all bugs polished, except that minor smoke battle one as that doesn't seem to appear that often. I'll give the map some time and see if anything else pops up.
  9. Update video showcase so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf93_SR1NIo&ab_channel=VETROVA
  10. WIP These are the levels done so far, I'm taking a slower time with this since i'm obviously back at work, only doing an hour a day for it. I'll be away most of next week but just like to show you the progress so far. These images are all the previews that you can 'pick' from when you win the start-race thing at roundstart. (whatever they're called). So far I have currently: 1 --climb 2 --race 3 --sweeper 4 --deagle hs 5 --backstab (NO PHOTO YET AS I AM GOING TO REWORK) 6 --dodgeball 7 --jumprope 8 --slide 9 --bhop 10 --grenade 11 --explosive balls 13 --lava run 14 --Gun arena (pick any gun) 15 --AWP/Scout TO DO: >Buyzone, >finish off main start area and add a few secrets at the start, >add music >Bring the levels together >Polishing
  11. Put the map required waiting time a quarter of what it is now, it is a pretty long wait.
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