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  1. Hey man, welcome to the community! Hope to see you around more often.
  2. -1, adding more stuff to the server leads to longer download times for newer players. Getting those in is already hard enough and seeing that this adds so little to gameplay, I just don't see why we should add this instead of other more valuable plugins/fixes to current plugins.
  3. I think that the rules should not be changed. Otherwise, how should the ct's know the difference between a noob and someone who is sufficient and can just flick and kill someone. People need less than 1 second to aim and click heads, so warning is already too late. What I do think is that is the warden's responsibility to not slaughter off the whole stack and try to differentiate between newer players that don't understand the mechanics and old players that just pull out a gun to kill.
  4. I have updated the bracket according to the current standings, final version will be posted tomorrow and also then the form will be opened where you can send in your predictions!
  5. IMPORTANT: Updates and links for the forms will be added on the bottom of this main post! Hi everyone, Since the European soccer/football championship is nearing the end of the group stage and entering the knock-out stage it would be fun to set up a little event. This Wednesday evening the brackets will be decided and the predictions will start! I will be releasing a google form which you’ll have to fill in predicting the winners of each 1/8 final match and the final scoreboard of each match. If you predict the right winner then you’ll be awarded 1 point. If you predict the right score 3 points will be added. Point will be given out separately so crazy bets like choosing one team to win and sending a score in favoring the losing team is allowed. After each knockout round a new google form will be released which can be filled it for the next rounds predictions. At the same time everyones score at the concurrent moment will be released. This will be updated in the original post to keep everything clean. The first form will be released this Wednesday! The current bracket is due to change due to the best 4 placed 3rd teams which still need to be determined. The bracket will be updated regularly. Next to that a separate Discord channel will be opened for announcement, updates and of course speculation regarding this event. Of course this is all fun and giggles but there will be a prizes! The winner at the end of all the matches (including losers finals) will get 25 dollars/euros worth in a giftcard of the person’s liking. Next to this the person will receive 100k credits for either JB or MG! 2nd place will receive 10 dollars/euros worth in a giftcard of the person’s liking. Also 50k credits will be added for either JB or MG. 3rd place will receive a 10 dollar Steam gift card and 25k credits for either JB or MG. Many thanks to @Glow for providing the third place gift card and all the credits! Hope to see a lot of people participating and of course have a great summer. Makaj In accordance with European regulations, all the data from the forms will be anonimized as much as possible, therefor needing to request your IGN every time you fill it in. Abuse will result in being banned off the event! If you choose to leave your email so the results can be send up, I (Makaj) will personally ensure that this data is deleted as soon as possible. I am the sole person to be viable for your data, if any issues arises regarding your data please contact me through discord! Updates 06/23 - Updated bracket picture with current upcoming matches 06/24 - The round 16 predictions have been opened up! Please fill in your predictions on the following form: https://forms.gle/4srWDaeuPHcUoXk86. No submissions will be accepted after the first match has been started of this round (which will be 06/26 at 18:00 CEST). 07/04 - The Semi-Finals predictions have been opened up! Go to this form and fill it in before 07/06 21:00 CEST, after the matches have started no more submissions will be accepted. https://forms.gle/NoxsE6DXgjGFKhar6 07/08 - The Finals form has been released, please fill in your last predictions before 07/11/2021 21:00 CEST. https://forms.gle/yoSe13icojuCqF1v6 07/23 - Everything has been calculated and the final Scoreboard has been released, because I cannot take the prize as an organizer I am going to pass on all the prices to 2nd till 4th. Congrats Ylli, @Dock and @Logical for winning the event. I've contacted you all through discord regarding your prizes. So please check that to get more info on it. Thanks everyone for participating in this small event also! Current Scoreboard: 1. Makaj - 14 points 2. Ylli - 12 points 3. Dock - 5 points 4. log-ical - 3 points 5th - 7th. Glow, polar & DasC16 - 2 points 8th. Jeets - 1 point
  6. Makaj

    Mod+ Meeting

    Sorry to notify everyone this late but unfortunatly won't be able to make it since I will be celebrating my bday on the 20th.
  7. Something I noticed since the last update is that CT's sometimes get a radio prompt to buy a bomb. After pressing 1 it shows that the max amount of jihad bombs in the team has been reached (0/0). Not a major bug in any way but maybe the prompt can be patched up.
  8. Really gonna miss you as a staff member and I highly appreciate all the work you've done (including encouraging me to apply ). Hope to see you around and maybe one day to see you back as staff. PS. How can you almost forget about me, I am more OG then half of em
  9. Makaj

    Mod+ Meeting

    Probably cannot make it since I am away for the whole day, if I have time I try to remote into the meeting.
  10. Makaj

    Snow Activities

    I've done skiing and snowboarding multiple times (french family had a chalet in the Alps near one of the biggest ski areas over there). Personally love just descending hard courses or doing freestyle on ski's. Never really had any troubles but in the begining I went down a lot, I guess it is just rince and repeat untill you get skill down. Also done a lot of ice skating back in the days when it used to freeze every winter over here so we could skate on outdoor ice. But that is more for fun/out of Dutch tradition then really to get any performance/improve physique over time. Luckily recently we've been with really cold weather so I had the opportunity to take out the ice skates past weekend and hit the ice again.
  11. Tbh I love the idea of a HL2 DM server but I think we should incorporate mutiple gamemodes. Especially since we got a CSS Casual and PUG server I think DM would not get enough traffic to just be a DM server. If we could include many other HL gamemodes I think it would be a great addition to the GP server list IF it gets populated.
  12. Too be honest I found the new rule the good way to put it. I personally find it ridiculous that people call each other retards but that be it. Especially the usage of faggot and whilst not allowing the n-word is weird to me. Faggot literally brings the same stigma to gay people as the n word does for coloured people.
  13. Makaj


    I am definitly down, I would imagine that the rulesets would be a bit harder to make but imo it should be doable and if needed I could maybe help with some input regarding the rulesets. Tbh I think it would be better do do a double elim bracket instead of one so that the "worse" teams at least get 2 games to play before complete knockout. I do think that depending on the size of the tourney it might need to be split up in multiple servers/weekends to divide the tourney up.
  14. Hope you like ashes, still the most wet thing you will see ever ;). But coming back to the topic, I am from the decriminalized weed policy and ever so beautiful Netherlands.
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