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  1. There's a toll for these parts... You owe 1x blowjob to be given immediately. Glad you're doing good though brother, don't be a stranger!
  2. And so I face, the final curtain.... My friends, I'll say it dear, and state my case, of which I'm certain. (Bonus points if you know the song) Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. It's been a few days now and I would've had this posted sooner, had I been at my PC but I was away for the weekend. I've been working with GamePunch over a year. I can't remember the date of my Membership acceptance (I think it was 05/01/2020) however I remember that my first and only Moderator Application was accepted on the 12th. Only ~7 days or so after becoming member. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at GP and it isn't necessarily ended. I'm more just stepping back from the Moderation and Management due to not having the time. As some of you may or may not know, I am a current serving solider, and I've also got a child on the way. Both of which take up a fair amount of time, not including my commitments outside of work and family life. GP isn't the only place I play games. I play with work for an ESports league. Also just enjoy other games rather than CS:S and such that GP have to offer. I will stop by and say hello every once in a while. You've haven't quite gotten rid of me just yet. You'll catch me on the servers, or in discord. So for now, goodbye, but I'll see you real soon. Before finishing, there are some people I'd like to give a special mention too. @Glow - Darek. You've been a good leader, and an amazing friend. Don't stop doing what you're doing, however I'd advise you to listen to people a bit more. Admittedly, you're getting better, but give people time. You're a good man. @Dunder - Adam. The true powerhouse behind GP. You're an amazing person, and an amazing friend. You've done alot for GP and it's not un-noticed. We appreciate everything. Keep working hard, and good luck with the fatherhood brother. @Assassin Mike - Mike. You were a true mentor to me. Helped me every step of the way through my GP rank climbing. Were always there if needed, and again, you're an amazing friend. Even better, an amazing carry in Warzone. I appreciate you. @Skooma - Skooma. My fucking god you love a bit of graft. You work insanely hard, and that's why you got to where you are. Be proud of what you've accomplished. I realised after looking into our DM's on discord, that it went from me removing you from the Mod+ team. To you now being Co-Leader. Fucking well done and fucking well deserved. @Noob @Alex @Nation @Chaos Boss @Bonkers You guys were amazing to work with. You're brilliant people, and I love you all. Keep doing what you're doing. You've all helped me develop in one way or another. Only thing I would like to say separate is to Chaos. My dude, if someone says something, we don't need you to parrot it. Nor do we need a comment on every single sentance made by someone. I surely can't be the only one to be thinking this. There are plenty other people that have made my time at GP amazing, these are just the few that I worked with through management. Much love to everyone, see you around. - Majesitc Now a retired old man.
  3. We love you Skooma. Don't get lost out there
  4. Been skiing before, not tried snowboarding but would like to at some point. I thoroughly enjoy skiing and am looking to do it for/with work. Been recommended for ski racing and such. For all the people saying "don't like the cold" "it's too cold" or similar. No such thing as too cold, just not the right clothing
  5. Hello all! It's been a while since one of these were done, so we're back at it. You do not have to take part, however, we'd appreciate it if you did! This feedback form will be seen by Myself, Dunder and Glow. Yes, it does also include all of us. This form focuses on 3 specific areas. GamePunch as a whole. GamePunch's Moderator+ team as a whole, and finally GamePunch's Moderator+ team specifically person by person. This is 100% anonymous. There is no need or requirement for you to state your identity. You can find the form here: https://forms.gle/Acd7Pguyznuha28X6 Many thanks, Majestic
  6. This is something I am working on, and there will be a post regarding this coming out in the next few days. I will be going through all the maps, and posting a removal list. If there's contestion against those maps being removed, then they'll stay. However, if there's no comeback from the post, the maps will be removed some time after the post is created. Please look out for this post coming in the next few days.
  7. Oh shit. It's this guy? Everyone hide.
  8. Majestic

    GP Merch

    I second this statement.
  9. It's been a pleasure my dude. Have a good one, stay safe, and don't get lost.
  10. Double posting. That'll be a warning on the forums, Sir.
  11. Do you have any questions for the meeting? Post them here!
  12. Majestic


    No one goes to Thailand for the food. We all know why you'd go there
  13. You're more than welcome to contact the events team if you want something like that.
  14. Good to hear you’re all good brother. Welcome back
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