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  1. Can we also bring back the auto warden plugin for the last ct alive on the team that was removed for whatever reason
  2. I agree with the map changes. Removing the maps that are broken and just unwanted/not played would possibly improve the server and make it more enjoyable for all
  3. You have the thickest most annoying Scandinavian accent (I'm Scandinavian I can say this) sometimes when you talk I wanna throw myself off a cliff and you can be annoying as hell but other than that you're ok. Good warden ig
  4. Only got 1 all time favorite since 2013 and it's The Weeknd. Other than him I like Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean, The Neighbourhood, Pink Floyd and The 1975. Also rap but not english/american soo I ain't namin those lmao
  5. Thanks for everything you've put into the community. Good luck in the future, you'll be missed
  6. You were the first person I interracted with on GP and I remember thinking you were so nice and helpful. Thank you for everything you've put into the community. Wish you the best of luck in the future
  7. I thought this said "favorite gun" and i was about to say this is the most american shit ever
  8. Was fun being on the journey and team with you, some good memories. Good luck in the future
  9. Audi r8 matte black...a beauty
  10. Let me guess why,,,bc it looks like a duck?
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