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  1. Don't worry boo I know where to find you!
  2. Missed you too wanker! Lol
  3. Definitely or Buffalo Trace!
  4. Sup, I'm FlyerMike was here back in the beginning and due to some stupid reasons left. But I'm back just to chill with the old crew. Missed alot of people here and had a chance to deal with real life shit and personal. Hopefully I'll get a chance to befriend everyone new!!!
  5. Never had a chance to do this before I had my member revoked, but my time was definitely interesting to be a part of GP and watch it grow. I wish it could have been on better terms, but what can you say when you are unfairly banned. Thanks indi ?. For anyone who still cares you know where to find me. Bye lol
  6. I couldn't agree any better!
  7. Adding No smallest island, or requiring warden to warn those who are on the smallest island. Can we just put something in that says not smallest island because it always goes horribly and just tell people to move close, or warden can stop being a fricken credit whore and tell whoever is away to move closer. It always starts shit claiming of an mfk, and I've seen a few where even when the other ts went to move closer they were gunned down, trying to move closer. In my opinion this is a very toxic way to play and a very good way to run off first time players. Since the population of CSS, I feel easing up on some nazi actions we can increase our player base to JB and possible invite them to join GP, with all of our other servers!
  8. Sorry for my recent absence, I meant to post a leave but i had forgotten to. I apologize for my recent absence over the past week but i should be back to my normal schedule tuesday/Wednesday UPDATE! Due to some recent circumstances I will continue to be AWOL until work slows down I've been pulled on a job that is 6, 12 hours. Once it is over I will be back to normal.
  9. Count me in! Be more than happy to help
  10. FlyerMike


    Unacceptable this is work lol.. be safe bro
  11. Hope everything is okay!! We are here anytime you need to chill!
  12. Recently... more of today had some personal shit come up and I'm not coping well. I hope after a week everything goes back to normal but won't know until that time comes. @DemDunderBuds @Connor McJesus I will still make the Mod meeting.
  13. Nooooo @Zachariah you were one of my role models on here aside for Nation. I hope to still see you around bud.
  14. Congrats bro! Welcome to fatherhood! ?
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