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  1. Frozen soft pretzels and this rico's cheese is awesome.
  2. Merry Christmas, I'm going for 6!
  3. David

    Favorite Candy

    Both of these are addicting when I get some. But the best was creme savers before they got rid of them
  4. David

    Mod+ Meeting

    Hey I've got some family stuff I'm doing today, I thought I'd be free but I won't be home. Sorry
  5. Don't waste your battery if you might need it hah, but hope they get it back on soon
  6. My first phone was some kind of brick nokia lol, I could t9 text that bad boy quick. First phone I bought myself was an iphone 3gs, which was the only iphone I ever had. Android was just more convenient, I've stuck to them ever since.
  7. I wouldn't really say I have a favorite song, but here's some stuff that I do like Catch me drunk and I'll be rockin' some 90's shit too haha
  8. Instead of forcing other ct's to take it, I suggest adding something like a 5-10 second cooldown to only the previous warden if they have it more than say 2-3 rounds in a row? That way someone else could take it but if they didn't the previous warden could still take control. Still like @Cha-Chλ!! said, I'm not coder and if its not worth working on than understandable.
  9. I agree with maybe adding a second or two timer, but at the same time term is right, you should be paying attention in the first place.
  10. Indiana, I'm a cornfed boy, boy.
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