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  1. Bonfire

    Mod+ Meeting

    Very sorry for the sudden change but I’m going to Florida this weekend, I can’t attend the meeting.
  2. I won’t be able to make it, just got notified that my fam and I are going to the beach for the day. I’m pretty sure they record the meetings but I’m not sure where to find the actual recordings.
  3. I agree with Ephex, as long as everyone or the majority is having fun, it shouldn't be an issue. Although if it's just the same person picking the game over and over again that nobody wants to play then it should be enforced and slay. I feel like the rule should be at least worded differently or not strictly enforced. Either way, it's not going to hurt to play a different game in between these rounds. This is kind of off topic but I would think we would want the community to grow. So just saying to new people to get better is fun and all until they rage quit and never come back. I would want something that doesn't take as much skill, something newer players have a chance in winning and hopefully staying to play minigames and maybe even join gamepunch.
  4. Coding class and math (specifically probability and statistics) 100% history is the worst
  5. I really like the way you think and you can bring some really good laughs to the community, although sometimes the roleplaying part gets a bit too much and even boring after a while. Pretty great warden and unlike pudding, I think your accent is dope.
  6. I feel like a somewhat different system would be a better idea, although I understand keeping it how it is. You don't want to just wait until you have enough votes whether that takes two weeks or two months. Although in general, I think people should check the forums more (including myself).
  7. Iphone simply because I've never used an Android and don't plan to anytime soon although I'm willing to give it a try. I've also heard some bad things about it, the notifications being annoying, bad camera quality, etc.
  8. idec what anyone says, strawberry is the best out of the three of those.
  9. I dunno what's good or bad so I'ma just say I have average internet speed ^-^
  10. I don't drink coffee that often but this Coke flavored coffee looks pretty banger.
  11. it's okay polar, you have a lot of friends who's willing to help you
  12. My main focus is getting my grades up. Although I’m not going to be reading like you nerds, instead I’ll be looking up the answers! Google is going to get me through high school xp
  13. I’m most likely just be hanging around inside, playing games and being around family.
  14. It was nice having you in gp, hope you pop in every now and then. stay safe
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