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  1. Best school lunches imo Orange chicken, spicy chicken sandwich, chicken sandwich, i think it's called cheese enchilada and the Thanksgiving lunch/dinner
  2. but yes I've had a samsung 7s for a while and I do have a samsung 9s but gotta take it to shop to repair shattered the screen of it
  3. I am sad to say this but I have officially decided to step down from GP. I love the community I really do I've put over 1.3k hours into GamePunch servers I've been a CSS Admin and a Project Admin, but there have been many mistakes made by everyone the past few days which has led to way to much drama. First Issue is the Racism that hasn't been deleted from discord, The second issue is staff members Mario and Makaj using hacks while they were live streaming it on discord, Third issue is I was accused of not caring about Valheim anymore which (I helped bring into GamePunch) and even helped advertise to get new players, Fourth issue is the staff members the other day Tony was asking for help from a few of them and Makaj and Mario both said I'd rather play minecraft instead of dealing with Jailbreak (If you aren't going to help why did you become a staff member in the first place), Fifth issue the servers have had more people on which is amazing, but it seems like no one cares enough to handle it when it gets out of hand because I've seen reports on discord go unanswered for days sometimes even weeks. I am still going to stick around in discord though. I am also going to say exactly what I think about the staff team. @Glow I understand you're very busy and your life/family should always come first I have mad respect for you man, but you need to listen to the feelings of your community and staff team you can't keep making decisions without thinking of the price of it whether it be positive or negative in the outcome I want you to know glow I will always enjoy the GamePunch community I've stayed loyal to GamePunch since 2019 when my first Forums account was @Ryuk. I am really sad that I didn't meet my goal of becoming a manager, but my legacy is being sent to Mr. Tony now. Mr bonkers I understand you're also very busy and I already know you've been taking care of yourself and the family while helping with the community which I also respect you for what you do and that you care about the community. @Bonkers Alexis Texas I am so excited you were given manager today you made me proud as a friend. I also appreciate the fact that you've stuck by the side of our family(GamePunch) throughout it's hardships. @Alexis Texas Pix le You're one of the very first people I became best friends with and I appreciate the knowledge I learned from you. We learned a lot from each other on how to do our job XD @Pix le Kyle You're the second person I became good friends with even. I'm pretty sure you gave me the nickname Mr rebeller when I used to non stop rebel for months at a time XD you'll also carry on my legacy to become manager @kyle22890 Makaj I'm not going to lie you're a really cool and chill person, but I am disappointed in the way you've been lately. You've been using cheats on a MineCraft server knowing it's against the rules of GamePunch and Even streamed it on discord. @Makaj Duk1n You work hard and that work will pay off for you one day and I will be here on discord to see that happen ^_X you'll always be a good friend of mine. @Duk1n GOD Even though I like to bug you all the time you've put up with my dumb nonsense of when I'm bored I spam you XD sorry bout that though really appreciate it hope you can make it to admin one day ^_X. @GOD Mario I'm also not gonna lie here you used to be a really cool person, but you also were cheating on a MineCraft Server knowing it's not allowed and even said I don't feel like helping out on Jailbreak. @Mario I hope to remain friends with you all and I respect the decisions you all will make. I appreciate that I was given the opportunity to work with a ton of amazing people even those who are no longer are on the staff team. Dunder, Mike, Lucia, Ylli, Sleeping, SealMeme, and many more Edit(I promise not to troll or become an issue if I ever join jailbreak or Hell let loose)
  4. sad to see yo go lad never knew you'd leave me like this ;-; jk jk hope you continue to stay well and be positive!!! You'll always be welcomed back ^_X Be successful, safe, and happy!
  5. My spring break was 2 or 3 weeks ago ;-; sad it was fun and all but school is slowing down due to summer break and about 1 and a half months left and boom summer break.
  6. @fatalflawsz are you positive you updated your own valheim plus itself? because Cydney, Hotdog Abuser, Kurujiyuu, and myself are able to get onto the public server which is the newest updated version. I'm also able to join the trusted server which is also the updated version.
  7. I don't really care if my guess is wrong or right just gonna be completely random. I kinda think that is a logo for a channel for youtube/twitch/etc or a design for some type of controller. Other than that got no clue what it would be.
  8. Welcome back ^_X now I wonder will there be a mod app in the future? and good to see you return.
  9. With Summer time approaching GP will experience more people who troll. The policy will still be the same if they troll and it effects other people/gameplay/attitude they'll be punished like they usually are. That being said I've already seen a group of people who became trolls already get punished for a few days because of their actions. Edit: also if people are trolling and nothing was done about it you can report them, the mod(s) who were on, or both.
  10. ^100% agree for now. Also trying to figure out what you want to lunch ^_X
  11. My Favorite flavor of gum^_X
  12. @Stompy This is illegal now who am I supposed to mess with when I get back into css ;-; for real though it was fun gaming with you lad and hope you do well.
  13. enjoy the mini vacation or try to enjoy it^
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