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  1. A bacon egg and cheese on a croissant or roll.
  2. I like winter as well and I love when it rains or thunders over it being sunny and humid.
  3. Homemade broccoli cheddar soup or from Panera:)
  4. das we already had this discussion we dont like cumcakes sadly
  5. Mario

    MG Map Rotation

    https://gamebanana.com/mods/128746 please add back. Fun map to play
  6. I don’t really have any favorites currently but I’ve been listening to a lot of juice WRLD, xxx, Frank ocean, amine, and Travis Scott.
  7. Do you think no cheating should be implied with map games or just warden games? They are implied with LR so I don't see a reason to not make them implied with normal map games.
  8. mine is either pizza or like chicken patty sandwiches when i actually had school lunch... i usually brought my own lunch from home though.
  9. Does your shirt dry faster or do you run faster because of your shirt?
  10. was fun playing with you no cap on god ;( take care hope to see you play some time soon. stay safe
  11. I like vanilla but my all time favorite is either Superman, blue moon or mint chocolate chip
  12. Take care we will be waiting to play with u again
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