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  1. BIG -1 I think the last thing we need is reports/problems about how people get pronounced the wrong way. We for sure got bigger problems to handle first before we get into this.
  2. GOD

    Mod+ Meeting

    Same with noodlez on this one^^,I rarely get weekends off of work. Sorry guys!
  3. GOD

    Mod+ Meeting

    Can't make it,Got work
  4. Best of luck my guy!
  5. Yoooo this actually looks really well made. Good shit dude seriously.
  6. I actually dig this idea.Simple and could bring some funny moments in JB. For some reason this idea to bring the radio commands back reminds me of those servers with custom soundboards when you type something in chat lmao
  7. Can't imagine the battle you're going through,Best of luck on everything spud seriously.
  8. GOD

    Mod+ Meeting

    I will not be making it,I have work at that time.
  9. GOD

    Mod+ Meeting

    I should be able to make it! I get off exactly at 2pm so I might be a little late ^-^
  10. GOD

    Mod+ Meeting

    I do not have my schedule for work next week so it will be 50/50 for me. Will update as soon as I get it if I can make it or not sorry! Update:I got work at that time,Sorry guys I'll be sure to make it next time!
  11. I can't believe you're breaking up with me.... I will miss you dude.Thank you for all the advice and help since the first day i met you and became moderator. The laughs and good times will surely be remembered and missed ya old bastard. Cheers mate,Don't get too much money now "Do stupid shit,win stupid prizes"-DaddyNoob
  12. GOD

    Mod+ Meeting

    Sadly I can not make the meeting for the first time... Had to take extra hours to pay the bills. Happy holidays though to everyone and stay safe!
  13. LMAO katanya you have to much positivity in your life
  14. ^^^Pretty much on board with Karmy poo.Katanya as much as sometimes you are funny,Lmao you got to realize most the time your just embarrassing yourself thinking your funny.But who is to say change isn't possible?
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