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  1. I think more than 10 hours, like 30-50. Then they are trusted. People can easily achive 10 hours and just be dicks and crash the server.
  2. Like this post if you like Jailbreak or anything in the world ;=) And also comment your favourite meal! Mine is taco.
  3. I would have telekenisis, so I could lift up shit and stuff.
  4. The nodles were looking FIRE
  5. Snazze

    Favorite food

    Home made lasgana, it is the best
  6. Here are some good channels: ElectroBOOM JJ Olatunji Absorber
  7. STRANGER THINGS, eh Hello. Like it is the best
  8. Harry Potter movies, specially the 7th movie
  9. Sleeping, gaming, training, eating, drinking and doing homework
  10. A cut on my lip, like a huge and deep cut. I got it when I was in kindergarden, I feel and I got it. I bleed so much like I almost passed out, xD
  11. All members should get 50 credits per 10 minutes, that way more people would want to apply.
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