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  1. As yall know i havent been very active on GP in a bit, school has started up and im not doing so hot rn, i need to take some time to focus on school, my job, relationships and my future, im not stepping down just letting everyone know im alive and that i wont be playing much . ill see yall soon.
  2. nation my guy, im so sad to see you go man, i know ive only recently been playing with you like 1 on 1 but those were like the best times ive had, its really sad to see you go but i wish you the best of luck in anything you do in life, its been a good one.... cya man
  3. deff +1 on the idea i love it maybe make it a little more creds
  4. um... my good man would you help out a poor little man and make me a spray? THIS SHIT LOOKS DOPE AFFF
  5. have fun on yo trip bro cya when you get back
  6. honestly i really don't have a favorite but i love 90-early 2000 rap
  7. welcome to the forms my guy have a great time
  8. welcome to the forms bud hope you have a great time
  9. so i was driving through Galveston tx and this dude was tweaking his ass of and ran into the highway
  10. bro this looks dope afff good job i cant even do that shit
  11. i literally live in a pos town so anything like that is beautiful
  12. def has to be slender man i grew up on that so yeah lol
  13. dude this looks fuckin dope cant wait to see the finished product
  14. this is the best thing i have ever seen lmao i love it
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