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  1. Chrome for my browser, don't use many extensions since going to my new PC. Haven't really bothered to download any /shrug
  2. This seems fine to me, can't hurt to give it a shot
  3. I can't remember exactly why we made it member+ for mod apps but looking back on it I think everyone should be able to vote.
  4. Gifting was disabled because several people were taking bribes from T's not to kill them when they rebelled/did the wrong order. I'd like to see gifting a thing on JailBreak again, would encourage more people to work for credits. Just ban the people who abuse the system "cough cough"
  5. I think I remember DefinitelyRice from HoE haha
  6. Go by this back in HoE? I was Assassin Mike btw
  7. I'm gonna give my opinion where its needed, 2 years is a long time to compare /shrug
  8. I didn't understand how our activity 2 years ago compared to now is relevant but here we are
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