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  1. +1 ye all posts need to be hidden on member apps and it was fucked that indi showed his post just to clarify that he had 10 hours and like hunter said, he should’ve said it himself. it just feels like he’s being spoon-fed into the community. who cares if he had 10 hours in 2019 and has known the owner for a while? are you even playing on the server? do you even want to be in the community? but yet again i wouldn’t be surprised if this got the “i’m the owner i can do what i want” response so it is what it is i guess.
  2. ^^^that. You can't report someone because they're the only person that hasn't rtved for "10 minutes." No one is obligated to rtv lmao. It's not trolling. And with the toxicity as he said, there's always gonna be toxicity and theres no way to mediate all of it without removing the use of the word "faggot". But then with that, you have to remove another word, then another, etc., etc. until were in a pitless hole of family friendly fortnite gaming.
  3. ved


    +1 ^^^ could maybe vote to rule out awp each map as well? @Player
  5. ved


    Need some like hell rn haven't drank in probably 2 weeks+ and quit smoking (nic+bud) ((temporarily)) like almost 2 weeks ago now lol edit: but i b fighting lowk bettering myself?
  6. pretty damn diddly godh dang darn good for going off the sound of a beacon nah but shit actually be fye g shit chaos someone could actually go ham on the beat ngl
  7. yo wtf whatd u say after that LOL anything? or just instantly dip outta there before she came back xDDD
  8. yo i don't know why but green is definitely 3 to me xD
  9. dark violet dark red black white?
  10. Shameless, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Trailer Park Boys (not in any specific order). ALL have good story lines and are comedic, some one trait more than the other. I'm also open to shows and/or movies you think I'd enjoy based on my liking of these shows so lmk : p
  11. I don't order it when I get pizza but I've had it before and it's not bad.... like cmon its pizza its not like im not gonna eat it like if you really want just take the pineapple off when ur family member orders it n u dont like it
  12. big YAY usually fuck mcdonalds except the fries but these mf shamrock shit shakes make up for it you know i be makin sure i cop one of these each year when the time comes xD
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