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  1. absolutly back this 100% if anything do they really need them in any SD ? and no using them tactically in a dm style SD isnt needed its just nice to have, makes the playing field more fun not a competitive elimination
  2. it would be nice to be able to stop someone from shooting someone who picks it up auto switches and dosnt even move and they get killed ye thats out of order tbh and i have tried to stop it before just with nothing to back me lol but that will be a very hard one to moderate as you need to be looking at the exact right time every time
  3. back in the day when 70% of people DIDNT rebel this rule would of been very unnessasery, but these days 70% of people WILL rebel and having a gun and being able to switch is so quick would be hugley detrimental to the gameplay of CTs when the flow of gameplay recently has been very much rebel rounds fucked restart we do not need to be giving Ts an easier time to rebel see problem is creating a balance in the gameplay, runescape has made a great example of this, OSRS the oldschool version of the game was released and was defined with polls by the community. so the public made the game changes. thats lead to ALOT of unbalanced content. RS3 there new updated game, every update they release is to balance another mechanic out. sometimes to maintain the balance of gameplay you have to do something that the community isnt going to be backing 100% so the real question here is how often is this actualy a problem and is changing it going to cause MORE issue down the line?
  4. na -1 its awful! braindead move imo
  5. these titles man wtf!!! ive always wanted sprays to be back, it would add so much its silly not to try and get round it. ive not thought of a trusted grouping with 30+ hour req that would filter out so much, personally id vote for 45+ hours just for the extrea step in filtering. and when it comes to moderating sprays, its litraly the easiest thing to moderate lol (fyi we have had to moderate it in the past when its be only members so :p) and when it comes to figuring out whos doing it if it dose happen, well thats not hard now is it
  6. i like the idea of rebels bribing there way for things, like sneeking past or getting into armory but the chances of it being used in the way prometheus is on about will 100% happen and be abused. i love the idea of pms being added with gifting and sneeky backhand dealing going on to be able to dip and shit would add an intresting dinamic but ye the abuse will be too much
  7. my opinion is that oranges should be classed as a vegetable
  8. i ant showing you mine but know, i have shit on there i havnt used in 5 years
  9. Cosworths r legendary man! supras may be more popular but cosworth changed shit man. im into my oldschool shit and more into rally tbh
  10. holy shit i fucking am man, every time i typed it something didnt feel right, explains it XD
  11. bro did u play OutBrake community back in like 2012? i recognise GoatFaceKiller
  12. are all rx-5s miatas or only certain rx-5s a miata? fuck sake i need to get on forza now
  13. respect you two on the E36 M3 fuck ye bro fuck ye!!!! so for real this is basicly my dream car, but s1 as its smaller and i can get away with alot more @RX-7but you want this challange then bro? true dream car. Ford Escort RS Cosworth https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224498609473?hash=item344528ed41:g:hvAAAOSwjDdgmROq so thats $128k
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