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  1. @Majestic if I may thrice. I choose 50.
  2. 13 @Majestic if I may go again.
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    I'll be there.
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    I am already here.
  5. When I first joined GP I was running a AMD RX580 4GB, now I am running a GTX 2070 Super and I love it!
  6. I love the idea! Like Plum said, we could easily make it into a story for everyone. With the events it kinda crossed my mind, maybe even outside of events if Staff+ was to deem it fit and it possible. We could make it to where the gangs could have full on rivalry's in the server. Maybe by a certain time in the map they could attack one another. Kind of like a gang war mid round if they had the time to get away with it.
  7. I agree with Dandy. It makes sense if they have the nade and it's gone they obs. threw it, but it can lead to bad issues of he/she said. Thus making it harder on staff to determine who is lying and who is telling the truth.
  8. I'm down. This should be a event!
  9. I hate to be a generic bitch about this but these are the best thing on the planet. These are a close second though!
  10. I agree. It is a planned out routine that could come in handy with picking mods. I +1 and support it.
  11. The Tournament has concluded our winners are as follows: 1st: Majestic 2nd: Spud 3rd: Xidle I did not take the prizes. That is why the winners are as follows.
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