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  1. Is that…is that A SUPRAAA?? You should post pics of it in the chat lounge there are a lot of car people in this community.
  2. hope yall are aware this is kinda like a troll suggestion. Like yeah it would be cool if we had it bc it would be funny, but not like where its a big deal if we dont.
  3. make it funnier too lmfao everyone has laura croft tiddies.
  4. Suggesting this formally on @tommy's behalf. We should add this plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=225763 And maybe if its possible, someone mentioned, maybe if someone chooses female, it will give them a female character model. Maybe just the normal player model, plus laura croft titties.
  5. damn its a shame, gotta see it thru my boy
  6. I agree with this, it would be a good idea. Like Tommy and Lucia have said before, non members get impacted most by the mods, so they should have a say. And it shouldn’t be too hard to moderate if there are any troll votes on applications. : )
  7. Also wanted to add, it would be a good solution for a prize in games other than "pick x Ts to die" or "picks next game" as a prize
  8. ew, no cereal. Avacado toast (bc im basic) or just straight coffee
  9. Some good, handmade tacos
  10. genuinely, in my defense as a female, i didn't know the difference /shrug
  11. BRO I LITERALLY HAVE AN E36 OF MY OWNNNN. CAR TWINS IG (also im jelly of your miata *cries in broke*) but ye, i drive an e36 convertible, shitbox, but drives will edit with pics later
  12. All I have to say is, maybe if you have an issue with the staff team, apply for mod and try to move up in the community to try and help solve any problems within it, within reason. If you are not actively trying to help solve an issue, you have no right to complain. EDIT: also, if you don't like how the server is currently, and compare it to the other jb servers- just go play on the other servers. Im sure they will be glad to have a new player.
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