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  1. Welcome! Glad to see you around GP Forums! ?
  2. Yaaaaaaaay hope this meeting will bring joy and happiness to people !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. So I'm looking forward to buying a new PC once I gather up the money I need for it but idk which PC I should buy and I'd like you guys to help me out here, Give me suggestions any Good PC/Laptop that I would maybe consider buying once the money comes kicking in.
  4. my favorite minigame maps are just survive and well lots of obby courses if I'm gonna be honest
  5. So uh my specs are really not that great considering the fact that I'm gonna work on getting myself a new computer but here y'all go: http://prntscr.com/n48ecl Quote: some of the info is in swedish
  6. December 10th. Yay a long way to get there
  7. Artemis


    I mean is there any pictures of the keyboard cuz I'd tell you my thoughts about it if I get to see one for sure
  8. Congrats y'all now don't get funky ideas now
  9. What's good goldy glad to see you around man n hope you join this community!
  10. Can't really tell what PC I have but it has a GeForce 1050 Ti
  11. my mind is full of things just for now its job job job
  12. I just chill at home but atm im looking for a job so when I find one im looking forward to make sum cash
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